Saturday, March 20, 2010

12#...Question and Future


One thing about myself i like to be prepared especially if i have to meet someone example like briefing, discussion, meeting and etc. Today i have some briefing with the new Head Department of Finance. She is the type whom have 'the face'.  Honestly, judging by her character i don't think she will asking me personal question. But it had caught my attention *mean she's good* especially right after i explain the sequences the lame procedures. After a while ... suddenly she ask me this cute question from where i stayed till when i started working in Porsche. I stated to smile when she ask me how young i'm, the cutest part was she tot* that i just graduate. hehehee :) *blush*
Next, she start asking this famous question am i married... ? *alamak* for all this time usually i will answered in very fast mode eg, like belum seru lagi or if his there with me i will tell ask him etc but strangely this morning i don't have any answers.....*blank mode* To make it more in silent mode for sometime........ and i think i made her feel guilty (judging from her face). Then i just smile to her and answer her Insyallah. *to think back such a lousy answer* yet I still feel weird...

In my heart only god know~ Thank God that its Finally finish and i resume back to my task.


As for this time im not sure about the future but i know what i want to be, i want to be able practice my PR.
Example as an event coordinator, doing some marketing, writing and a lot's more. People that closed to me know this as my ambition. Its takes me sometime to decide that i need to change my future immediately. Thank you to Denggi have give me the wake up call. Which i gladly did, *walaupun it takes me 2 years* yes! i did score some minor mistake....but this is what we called LIFE. I'm not perfect, but Alhamdulilah, The Al-Mighty had answered my prayer and given this marvelous opportunity to work in Auto EuroKars as marketing assistant. I said to myself, Go for IT! take it as a platform to grow in the industry. I think As the for now most people already knew that right now is officially under Sime Darby Auto Performance.
I am glad, in a way *Yes* this is huge company now, and it means im in different level and vibe because its envolve in diffrent scope. I'm lucky especially i have to report directly to my boss and he have teach me a lot's of trick and infomation about this industy that im in now. Another fact is when im joining in this company basically i have zero knowledge in Car's..hehehe..but i admit i LOVE F1. Without realising its grow me in less than 8 month now...
Right now i been given more and new responsibility, plus more opportunity that honestly make me scared. As time goes by i think i will manage it and across the time line i did not realized many thing that been assigned i delivered it in almost full colored.

Am i  proud...Nope..I'm still new in this industry and there many thing that i need to learn.
I will try my best and i will prove that im worth it! Let the adventure begin :)

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