Thursday, March 29, 2012

#665...My Generasi

JieJah's Say...
Rasa seperti ketinggalan zaman, saw this video from my friends blog.
Love it so much! :) good old memories.....

#664... I Won't Give Up

JieJah's Say...

Things have been going slow lately. Im catching up few thing in my hand now.
Give me time i shall prove it all. just give me time. Insyallah.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

#663... Selalu benar kan?

selalu benar, kita berharap,
ada seseorang yang mahu mendengar,
sedang kita tak pernah mahu mendengar rintihan orang lain…

selalu benar, kita berharap,
ada seseorang yang memahami,
sedang kita tak pernah berusaha memahami sebelum menghakimi.

selalu benar, kita berharap,
ada seseorang yang mengerti,
sedang kita tak pernah memberi peluang untuk mengerti situasi dan kesulitan orang lain…

selalu kan?

kita berharap itu dan ini dari orang lain.
namun jarang benar kita melayani orang lain seperti mana kita ingin dilayani.

(Bila baca bait-bait ayat ni, membuatkan saya terkedu, anda pula bagaimana..?
renung-renungkan la..)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#662...The first moment

Just want to share something that catch my attention instantly..Awwwww this is sooo sweet!

A first look moment that almost has ME in tears.

(I always like to see the groom face especially before the nikah ceremony)

#661...Just some scribbles

Its been a while I didn't wrote anything at my blog,

Here's some update

1. Thank u to all that help me up on my day, I'm really speechless with the crowd and LOVE that He shows to me.
May Allah bless you all. Amin.

2. Thru my own mistakes, I'm walking my life calmly and with lots of syukur. I learn a lot from my mistakes and shall embrace this for future. I'm doing something now, with little support from a friend plus with long term project with a big sister. Insyaallah.

3. I learn from my greatest mistakes,
My advice to all whom read this,
Never spread rumors when you don't know the truth..

4.Honestly I don't what or how is my future, I lived to my fullest everyday and I'm glad.

5. No matter what happen, life still have to go on :)

6. I have a new goal that I want to achieve, so far I'm working on it. It will be a hard work but its gonna be worth it. Amin.

7. Its been almost two month since I made my biggest mistakes but it been 1 month Al-Mighty show me who is Azizah and whom really cared about me.

8. I learn many thing from new things to meeting people. Maybe some people will look down on me now, its ok because Al-Mighty is by side. Enough said.

9. Few big and minor project coming up, dear friends that help me in this process please bare with me, I shall repay everything. Insyallah.

10. Have a great day ahead, in the same time I would like to take this oppurtunity to tell my GF's and dear friends,
I realllllllllllllly miss you gurl. We should reunion to catch up a lot of thing! Love you guys dearly. Muahhhhhhxxxxx!!

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