Monday, August 30, 2010

#161... Monday Blues....

JieJah's Say...

Me like Monday coz many +ve things happen to me
But today i feel i want to go home.

#160... Ma Holiday

Wow! It seems such a long time i didnt update this bloggie
huhuhu~~ So here goes,

27th August 2010

Nothing much happen but me spend a good time with ma school mate buddy
And they celebrate ma bday. Thank you again. But this time no trajedi airmata
hehehhee :) Me emo at times and me ngaku hahhaheeee

So we makan at this place name qaseh
1st time went to that place honestly me abit Jakun!
A lots of variety of fOod.. To think back make me feel hungry! Haiyoo..
we chit chatted, we gossips... and we took some photo to at Putrajaya.

I had a good time and thank you guyz!

** Will upload the pix  later**

28th August 2010

Accompany ma mum do some check up (Make me worried now to think about the result)
Ya Allah! Dearest Al-Mighty..Please make me strong to go thru this again...

Service ma dearest Charlie ;)

I had mummy & Daughter session
Yes! ma mum really wanted to go Jalan Tar and Jalan Masjid India
yup...its diffrent this time cz during breakfast with Selambanya ma mum suggest
"We breakfast at that mamak stall lar g," being me.. ya im o.k with it.
so we breakfast..and being Malaysian and the month of ramadan we share food although we are stranger.
Im amazed and ma mum enjoyed it every second. hahahhhahhaa!

back to preparation of Syawal..
after the miles of walking to shops we finally manage to fine a blouse for mak
Glad she likes it, me? i don't buy anything yet for me..maybe i like to buy for other but for me i don't buy anything.
hehheee! me likes to see the expression of our loves ones when they get or received things that they loves.
Honestly make me happy ;)

29th August 2010

Help ma mum to spring clean the house. Thank god its not like last month before the engagement.
So me just continue to clean up some of the place..

Went out with ma Mon Petite Ami.
Accompany him for a hair cut, a little shopping and lastly me get to eat at Yogitree @ Garden.

But Unfortunately,
I did not manage to eat ma fav the chicken + mushroom in a puff pastry (Ma Fav)
Will go again till me get to eat that. :)

Till then..
Today its monday.. and i feel :(

#159#...John Mayer - Heart of Life (Acoustic)

JieJah's Say...

Friday, August 27, 2010

#158...Hair cut?

JieJah's Say...I really like this hair cut..., low maintenance, super cool, i have cut ma hair like this before....i think after spm ;D
to see her now make me do or not to do?

#157...My name is?

JieJah's Say...-___-**

156#... No Heart

JieJah's Say...pain ma ass

I also don't know it seem comfortable to express here at ma blog compare to talk to the person,
Please don't get me wrong,
Me don't want to susahkan you guys...

I really love and happy to see you guyz happy. ;)
Cz me cayang bangat sama kamu semua. May Allah bless you guyz.

This week its a tough week,
Many thing happen beyond ma control but there is a sign that Al-Mighty wants to show to me.
Saya hamba yang hina sedia menerima segala ketentuan dari mu ...
Yes, this also mark another growing year..
Its a bit diffrent this year cz i felt empty and honestly until now i can't figure why?
Don't get me wrong ...Im o.k and happy it just the way i feel.

As ma heart hurt my the million thing happen,
I'm still strong,
As ma heart is happy with what happen,
I'm Elated and strong...
To you all that always there for me I'm greatful and Thanking Al-Mighty from the bottom of ma Heart.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#155... Ma day ;)

JieJah's Say...Im already old

Thank you hanin :)
Thankk You Mon Petite Ami...

Both of you make this bulat face elated sgt.
Love you dearly.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

#152...Ungu - Tercipta untukku

JieJah's Say...Im in love with this song

#151....Things that me laugh

JieJah's Say...LOL! this make smile ;)

#150...Madonna - Rain

JieJah's Say...i saw this just now..
Among my fav song..Weird huh?.

Friday, August 20, 2010

#149... Perasaan.

Saya tidak tau mane saya patut mulakan dahulu
tp saya rasa kosong

Saya sendiri pelik
Jgn di tanya kenapa
Saya sendiri pelik

Mungkin tarikh keramat makin dekat buat saya gemuruh
atau macam-macam benda dalam kepala saya buat saya pening

Apa yang diinginkan tidak mungkin jadi kenyataan
dalam alam nyata - xper lah lain kali
dalam hati - sabar yea jiejah oi xde rezeki.

Mungkin dalam hati terguris dengan pelbagai kisah duniawi yang berlaku
dalam alam nyata - yea tue semua salah saya
dalam hati - ku rasa xde saper peduli

Mungkin saya sangat penat dan selalu sakit jer sekarang
dalam alam nyata - you da kurus da skrg
dalam hati
- mungkin kot rehat kan hati, kepala dan perasaan

** segala yang mungkin hanya nukilan yang tidak di sengajakan
xde kena mengenakan sesiapa pun, mahu yang hidup atau yang mati


p/s: ....
Wahai selsema sila pergi ...saya tak tahan
Wahai gastrik pergila, perut saya x selesa...

#148.. Break

JieJah's Say...heaven

Saya ingin merehatkan diri..

"kepada laut tunggu ya,
kepada hati tunggu ya,
kepada tension sila pergi,
kepada kusut sila pergi..."

Saya rindu..itu yang pasti.!

147# ...Mimpi yang sempurna.

JieJah's Say...

I have a sweetest dream
twice u came in to see me
Thank you TokMak for coming to see me

Yes! i miss you dearly
I love you dearly
You will always been missed.

Alfatihah, Amin..

p/s Dua kali Jiejah mimpikan Tokmak..
Maafkan g.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#146... Tiada Perasaan

Pada saya kamu tetap GEDIK!
Mungkin pada yang lain kamu baik,
Sakit saya masih berparut lagi
Lebih baik saya hanya memerhati...

Pada saya sekarang kamu tiada membawa erti.
_kata Jiejah kepada perempuan gedik.

#145... Berat

JieJah's Say... Gunalkan akal sewajarnya.

Dialog yang bermula dengan ..."tak puasa ker hari nie selamba jer angkat berat"
Jiejah menjawab... "PUASA lah!" - sambil cekak pingang.
sambung- "Hai, Takkan tercegat jer kat situ x nak tolong ker"
Suara itu x menjawab.

Aku berlalu memikul bapak beratnya punya kotak - dengan muka yang Chomel. ;)

Moral of the story:

Lelaki gentlemen spesisnya hampir pupus yang tinggal hanya pandai berbicara sahaja
Omong nya kosong,
Hati nya tiada...

#144... I hate

I really hate when i caught people lying


I really hate when people tend to hurt ma feeling on purpose

Motif?    -___-**

Im still a human, i can sense you do it behind ma back.
With Al-Mighty goodwill it shall reveal soon.
Ma prayer for you... Salam.

#143... Cermin

JieJah's Say...

I cringe every time I look at myself in the mirror so I almost never ever look at myself in the mirror unless it’s to check that I don’t have something stuck in between my teeth or to see if my nose is still off centre or if my face is still horribly asymmetrical or if my face is still funny or it’s an awful accident but sometimes, it’s so much more than that. Sometimes, when I can stand looking at myself long enough, I get scared because I see all of me and I see all ninety-seven fragments of myself trapped in my champagne-coloured eyes, struggling to break free. I see weakness and failure and disappointment and boredom and restlessness. I see what people see when they tell me I look so much like my mother but I also see the awkwardness and bafflement in their pitying gazes because I am not beautiful like her. I see my father’s eyes. I see myself cradling my fragility and I see everything I am and everything I’m not and everything I should be and everything I can’t be and everything I want to be but I really see that I’m nothing and I cringe every time I look at myself in the mirror

#142... Epilog of Love

JieJah's Say...

Girl: Do I ever cross your mind?
Boy: No.
Girl: Do you like me?
Boy: No.
Girl: Do you want me?
Boy: No.
Girl: Would you cry if I left?
Boy: No.
Girl: Would you do anything for me?
Boy: No.
Girl: What would you choose your life ... or me?
Boy: My life.
Girl runs away crying. Guy stops her and says...
Boy: The reason why you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind. The reason why I don't like you is because I love you. The reason why I don't want you is because I need you. The reason why I won't cry when you leave is because I would die for you. The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you. The reason why I choose my life is because you are my life.


What is love? Do you know what its really means?
Despite the emotion, feeling, hormon..etc..
I guess everyone have they own answer
Me? Im just an ordinary....

#141... Untitled

JieJah's Say...

Everything’s changing now that people are
forgetting who they are. Everyone wants to fit
in, and when they finally get the chance to,
they leave the people they care about for
people that don't care about them.

Life isn't about keeping score.
It's not about how many people call you,
and it's not about who you've dated, are dating,
or haven't dated at all. It isn't about who you kissed,
what sport you play, or which guy or girl likes you.
It's not about your shoes or your hair
or the color of your skin or where you live
or go to school. In fact, it's not about grades, money, clothes, or colleges that accept your or not.
Life isn't about if you have lots of friends,
or if you are alone, and it's not about how
accepted or unaccepted you are. 
Life just isn't about that.
But life is about who you love. And who you hurt.
It's about how you feel about yourself.
It's about trust, happiness, and compassion.
It's about sticking up for your friends and replacinginner hate with love in a way that could never
have been achieved otherwise.

Monday, August 16, 2010

#140...kata hati

JieJah's Say...

Tatkala anda membaca post ini,
its a sad & expression post, but as the contents is very dearly to me,
and this post is in dual language.

to whom who read this,
may i remind you that this post is very personal to me.
i appreciate it if you would not talked about it when u saw me anywhere, or any other day that we'll meet. this post is a therapy, of me expressing my feelings and emotional. As i kept it away long, i must to do this for me to move on.


Monolog aku sendirian memikir pelbagai masalah yang melanda.Pada siapa aku ingin berbicara aku tidak pasti tp adanya blog ini hati ini tidak akan kesunyian lagi.


Aku bahagia sekali dengan pekerjaan ku skrg. susah untuk saya luahan kan mungkin cara terbaik saya boleh luahkan
saya budak perempuan yang LUCKY dpt perkerjaan dlm industry permotoran.

Yes its seem akward at first but im elated as this industry teach me a lot in communication with media,
learn a bout the 3rd expensive car in the world and many more. To ma boss i say thank you again for giving me an oppurtunity

pada kamu kata aku poyos or berlagak

biler aku info di mane aku kerja ku akan kata di PORSCHE bukan Auto Eurokars (Zaman sebelum SIME DARBY)
jika kamu fikir aku berlagak,
dari tulus hati ini..aku x terniat begitu aku cuma lebih senang bercakap hanya sekali x perlu di ulas dgn panjang lebar. jika kamu kenal aku, aku senang bercakap dengan shortcut cz ianya ngan pantas dan padat..

rakan kerja.(Buat certain people)

Jika kamu x mau bercakap dgn saya
Saya redha. Saya maafkan semua kesalahan mu
Maafkan mata saya yang nampak segala perbuatan mu
Jika itu yang kamu mahukan
saya dengan senang hati akan melakukannya

Kamu dgn saya
Hanya kerja
bukan sahabat..
Aku kenal nama
tp ku x ingat


Aku masih x kenal apa erti bonus
Aku ingin tp xde rezeki lagi.
ku keluh sendirian.

kawan. friend

Hati saya kalu di imbas, acap kali dilukai oleh insan yang bernama kawan
benar kata org kawan yang sebenar susah untuk di cari
itu saya akui..menolog aku sendirian!

I admit to myself im a bit LEPAS but im plain honest with ma self and i dont keep grudge to ma self. (cz i dont beleive in that)

If i say i will be there trust me i will but dont ever accuse me to smthg that i didnt do.

This year i have sequal incident that broke ma heart, i may forgive i wont forget

why a best fren more than 10 year can hurt a fren feeling by saying something like throwing fire in the bushes and end up hiding to keep yer secret from other. hey, i can see that but to other i pray so you all may see.
I keep ma silentt coz i dont want to make thing worst but she keep on testing ma patient..latest you seem like to sneak around ma back like a snake and ask people around without thinking that some how i will know it too.
For GOD sake! If you are fren that you said so, you should ask me instead of asking other people.

To ma eye to seems like having an agenda..

To this fren, i wish u well.

On other hand i..
i really miss ma other fren, why i feel you all running away from me.

is it the status now..?
or the history that happen before this?
I really wish that could not happen and i really miss talking nor sms to u.


Hati ini banyak kali di duga dengan dugaan, onar, cabaran dan sebagainya.
post ini sekadar luahan rasa.
Acapkali apa yang ingin diperkatakan akan jadi salah interprasinya
tiap kali itu terjadi, air mata jadi pememan yang setia.

Puasa 2010

sgt menduga..
kesihatan tidak seperti dahulu..
kurus melengkung tanya pada doctor
katanya saya normal
kata hati saya ini x normal

Ya Allah! Ku mohon ampuni segala perbuatan ku
hanya menduga dan aku hambanya hanya
mampu berserah dan bertawakal.

Di ingatkan post ini hanya luahan hati agar saya dpt meneruskan inspirasi untuk kemudian.

p/s: Ari isnin mmg ari yang di cipta untuk melukakan dan melahirkan rasa amarah, saya benci isnin!

tp saya suka isnin. buat amse sekarang saya sgt suka lagu eminiem fet raihana. seakan dekat lagu itu dgn saya.

Friday, August 13, 2010

#139...Please make everything okay again.

JieJah's Say...emo mode :ON

#138...Inception - Official Trailer [HD]

Take me to the dream
Bring me to the deepest layers of dreams

I shall breath..
I shall be able to dream again..

JieJah's Say...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#137... What If...

JieJah's Say...a reminder to All.

Every time Ramadhan creeps in, I always ask myself, "What if this is my last Ramadhan?".

Yet due to pure ignorance I continue to go through the month going about doing my worldly chores without tinkering a bit in perfecting my prayers and so on so forth, and when Syawal steps in I begin to miss Ramadhan more than ever. I've never been a good Muslim as a whole, and here's to hoping this year will change. Amin.

I cross over with poem, (just wanna share how beautiful it is )

Sambungkan Aku Ke Cinta Itu

Kata-kata yang berbunga di pagar
adalah aku yang terlantar,
Dicurah hujan, tertidur-tidur berembun
bertindih rindu

Terpintal sewaktu-waktu melontar pandang
ke langsir tertiup,
Kekasih yang lama ghaib di jendela
Cuma zahir dijelma renda,
Terimbas terlintas-lintas
di wangi Ramadhan,

Bunga di pagar yang terlingkar,
Adalah aku yang tertinggal,
Izinkan aku mengejar,

nantikan aku di Maghfirah,
Sambungkan aku ke benang Arasy
yang terlilit di pagar waktu,

Sambungkan aku ke perca cinta,
Kerana dia kekasihku...

from : Anbakri, 10 Ramadhan 1429

P/s : Dear Mon Petite Ami..This year is the 3rd year we fasting together ya.. Great ;D
Ma heart say's Alhamdulilah. 

#136... Salam Ramadan

JieJah's Say...

I’d like to wish all of my dear friends & family who are celebrating a joyous and peaceful Ramadan.
May all your hopes and prayers be realized.

Semoga Ramadan kali ini mengajar kita erti kesabaran dan memberikan keinsafan kepada semua umat Islam.

P/s: Al- Fatihah to Tok Mak and Tok Bak. Gg really misses you dearly.
      Semoga roh Mu dicucuri Rahmat dariNya.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#135.. Calling on deaf and pretender mankind

JieJah's call..hey you!

yes didn't spoke fluently
yes im not pretty as other
yes i have ma flaw
yes im nobody
yes im in learning progress
yes i can admit my mistakes
yes i can admit that im not like u

You're perfect. Enough said.

P/s: Im may not perfect but i love who im and with al-mighty blessing i
try not to change who im but im willing changing for the best of me.
At least i can PROUDLY say that I'm not a PRETENDER like you.

Enough said!

#135...Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

JieJah's Say...
This lyric keep on playing on ma head today..i guess tonight its on repeat mode again,

"Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts
Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that's alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie".....

Monday, August 9, 2010

134# An Expensive Hobby....but me like it ;))

JieJah's Say...

Well ma weekend went well, went to sepang for MMER 2010 and today seems gloomy.
But ma mood start to change when i saw this...

Let me introduce you to Fujifilm Instax 210

The overview..

With its rounded shape, easy-to-hold side grip, and fingertip controllable composite control panel, the instax 210 offers vivid, high-quality prints almost instantly.
Its automatically-adjusting flash, high-resolution retracting lens and big clear viewfinder add up to unsurpassed performance.

Dimension: 178.5(W) x 94.5(H) x 117.5(D) mm
Weight : 650g (without batteries, strap and film)
Film : FUJIFILM Instant Color Film “ instax ”

- Instant camera = instant pictures (like polaroid)
- Wide format photos.
- Shoots vivid, high quality prints instantly!
- Has build in flash.
- Big & clear viewfinder.
- Has self-shoot mirror.
- Close-up lens for focusing from 35cm.

Sample pictures  

p/s in ma heart i say ALAMAK! fall in love

Saturday, August 7, 2010


JieJah's Say..
...adorable and smart animal!
besides that they are so......Cute! Yummilicious animal...

Ultimately i just love the last picture... Pembuli! hehehhee..;))

132#... Me adore you!

JieJah's Say... ;)

Mode: Picture can make you envy and in the same time you just adore it!
           Me Likey!

#131...Gossip's psst...psssttt...

JieJah's Say...Muakakkkaaaaaaa

Friday, August 6, 2010

#130... Happiness

JieJah's happiness ;)))))

Me mode : Senyum Sendiri..Happy friday ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

#129...Ma Passion

JieJah's Say...

#128... Kebenaran

JieJah's Say...Its the truth ;-)


JieJah's Say...I'm Lost

I'm lost in the space that created by the numb people nor heartless universe.

Hey! Yes,!
You can make my day from the best came down to worst
but You can't  take away my dignity away.

I'm who I'm and proud to be myself! (Not in berlagak terror way but My way..)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#126...Ma mistake

JieJah's Say...tried to strong, but i'm just a human.

“ Promise yourself to be strong, that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
  Look at the sunny side of everything &
  make your optimism come true.

  Think only the best, work only for the best, &
  Expect only the best.

  Forget the mistakes of the past &
  Press on to the greater achievements of the future.

  Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that
  you have no time to criticize others.

  Live in the faith that the whole world is on your side
  as long as you are true to the best that’s in you. ”

#125.. Ya its s**ks!

JieJah's Say...  Ya i have to admit it, tried to ignored it but i cant deny it really playing on my emotions and its sucks. I really hated it!

#124 ... Porsche Experience

JieJah's Say...Simply yummy experience!

Taken from Paul Tan Blog "All-new Porsche Cayenne – quick test drive review"
Yes! I have this amazing opportunity given to me to test drive and to learn more about the new generation of Cayenne.Honestly its a great exposure and this bulat face much elated to learn this new amazing experience ;)

Below is the article about the Porsche Road Show Tour at Singapore..
For more details here's the links..enjoy ya! Cheers..

All-new Porsche Cayenne – quick test drive review by Harvinder Singh.

Porsche unveiled the second generation Cayenne SUV a couple of months ago in February and recently the Zuffenhausen company which currently resides under the Volkswagen umbrella held a Porsche World Roadshow event down south in Singapore. Among various sessions held through out the event, there was a quick test drive of the latest Cayenne which also includes a hybrid variant in it’s line-up as well.
Joining the hybrid is the diesel and the gasoline versions that we are used to as well. I was invited to the event and I managed to get behind the wheels of both the Cayenne Turbo and the Cayenne Diesel. I was also given a short ride in the Cayenne Hybrid.

Look after the jump for my full driving experience.

When Porsche first introduced the Cayenne in 2002, everyone were scratching their heads wondering if a company like Porsche, which has been making compact sports cars since it’s inception can successfully market and sell SUVs.

Sales figures after the first few years proved that Porsche can actually do it. Design wise the Cayenne did of course draw it’s looks from the rest of the Porsche line-up and in my honest opinion it could have looked better.

However I had a broad smile on my face when they rolled out the facelift version. It was much more refined and looked aggressive and classy at the same time.
When the company unveiled the second generation Cayenne, I still felt that it looks good, with it’s menacing front fascia.

Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same about the rear. The taillights on the new Cayenne look as though they were inspired by the Panamera and they don’t blend into the rear properly. It looks a little mis-proportioned if you ask me.

The negativity of the design ends there fortunately, as the interior is one nice and comfortable place to be in. Design wise its miles apart when compared to the interior of the first generation Cayenne.

When thinking about the interior of the older Cayenne, words such as ‘dull’, ‘boring’ and ‘dated’ come to mind. The interior of the new Cayenne is heavily inspired by the Panamera, which is a good thing in this case. The cabin is definitely roomy with more than enough head as well as leg room.

For more story refer as the link above..

The best part of this is i really like this pic that been taken by myself using Harvinder gadget.
hehheeee ;))

Mode: Syok sendiri ;-P

Monday, August 2, 2010

#123... Wish List

JieJah's birthday is coming up so i wanna to make a wish.
wakakakaa... ketawa jahat tp cantik!

# 122. . . Feels good!

 JieJah's Say...Pictures Show's a thousand word ;)

Ever since, i saw the signature checkered sign I'm in LOVE!

I Fall in you..

I love the handbag
I love the parfum *snift..snift..**
I love the shirt's and white blouse as well
And you're among in my wish list ...Yummy!

So tell me again where is ma parfum
me miss the smell..

Dear mak, can i wish this as my birthday present heheeee?

#121. . .Disturbing attitudes

Last weekend was good lesson,
Especially for me!
The event went very well although we have many issue with unresponsive people.
Who are they? Only Al -Mighty know's better...

My pray is,
Ya' Allah sesungguhnya engkau yang lebih mengetahui siapa hamba Mu,
dan Sesungguhnya engkau lebih maha mengetahui. Aku pasrah dan berserah pada mu.

Only one words good that i wanna to express is Thank you
(you know who you're and me really elated you guyz help me alot on that day)

On the other hands,
F*** off to those people that to selfish and heartless to figure their responsible to the company!

Me really tired of the propaganda and goosip that they want to spread to air
I just don't care anymore...In another word
I'm really tired of this stupid game and act good with them.

And unexpectantly one of the clan did bcc to me and announce to the whole wide world that "Im poyo nak mampus and perasan teror"
Its o.k.. i know who I'm better than you coz i don't know u!
Anyway i will take it as  your grateful doa for me..
For that im Thank you!.

Hey to this people,
(I don't know whether you read this)
I honestly don't care what you do nor think!
As i know im doin my task and deliver my task to the management as require
I dont have to report anytthing to you nor yer group member..
To think back... i dont have anythg to do with you!

Im honestly really tired
Tired of this people
Tired of "manjaga hati org"
At this point i will learn more to take care of myself and the peep's that care for me!

To this great people I Love you guyz!