Thursday, December 30, 2010

#332...I'm really PROUD of YOU!!!!

JieJah's Say...Well 1 Malaya berbicara mengenai kamu!

Congrat! Team Harimau Malaya you make us unite in the most unique way especially after 14 years
Gosh! i really did Shout out! like no body business.....hahaaaaa!
Well i guess i must get the Jersey then Right?

More better thing to come! May next will bring more cheer to all of you. Amin.

Happy holiday and Happy New Year...!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#331...I'm an ADDICT!!!!!

skirt definitely plus the JAKET :))

Adore this.... i hope i can find it :))



OMMMMMMG! i really nak this :))

This one toooooooo OMGGGGG!! plus the JACKET.

Need i say more :))

JieJah's Say...
Lately i have this pelik attitudes with skirt. Even my mum and few of ma gf realized this new thing with me. Gosh....i'm really into it. I really like how its flow, the material so comfortable and comfy (I have to admit it's really hard to find it) but it so worth it. This is some of sample of skirts that i really adore. I hope i will found it soon :) PLUS the jacket and mini boots too.

** So conclusion i da rambang mata nie ;P

#330...Activity update

 I have a great weekend :)
  • I really spend ma time with ma famile. We eat a lot, go makan - makan together, lay down together while watching movie, we chat, we gossip's and make this bulat gurl HAPPPPPPY! to see them smiling. And of course CELEBRATING bday of Mon Petite Ami! 
    Dearie,  i wish and DOA the best for you :))
  • Went to Hezrin's wedding :) Gosh we did have fun that night full of laughter, gossip, taking picture and of course the main attraction of that night is The bride and the Groom. Beautiful Wedding and breathing taking view :)) congrats again to Hezrin and Fly!
  • I learn few thing last week, especially on work. What i learn, be as what you are and alert with WHAT is been expected by the Management and Never give Up.
  • At last i successfully finished my PR Calendar 2010...(**will Pack till August 2011)
  • Can't wait for the Acoustic NIGHT!!!! Yeay.... *wink*
  • This week aim's to finish all my pending work :)) *all the best**heheeee!!
JieJah's Say...Before i end this post i share some shot of this weekend :))

Aisha, Hanin & Me

The Setting


All of us

agos and aisha (p.s me still adore your baju :)))

Candid pic :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#329...Teach me? Please.... ;-P

I have this question, i really hope someone can teach me :)

Can i blog directly from Blackberry?

JieJah's Say...It funny how technology effected you. I wonder if i can express directly like tumblr.

#328...The silent Laughter.

When you're the last one to leave the party,
and you feel a feeling that feels like you'll never forget, hold on.

When the world turns against you, 
and it's nothing but liars and thieves, hold on.

When the sky beats you down

and there are no arms to lift you up, hold on.

When the phone doesn't ring and letters aren't written, hold on.

When you're alone in the crowd, hold on.

JieJah's Say...When the last time you make a person smile or laugh?

Friday, December 24, 2010

#327... The best Gift to end 2010

The best gift suggestions:

To your enemy, forgiveness.

To an opponent, tolerance.

To a friend, your heart.

To a lover, share your secret and life,

To a customer, service.

To all, charity.

To every child, a good example.

To yourself, respect.

P.s: Appreciate people surrounding  :) then you will realized how lucky you're to be Alive.
Have a great day ahead peeps!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

#326...I fall in the deep purple

JieJah's Say...
When i saw this make me really wanna scream and lompat - lompat like a small kid.
I really fall'in for this...

-___-** the online shopping make me sad**Haiyoo!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#325... Rise & Fall

I just wanna share something that i think is an essential to every one as a person. This is a honest opinion of mine.

No matter who you are, where you come from, which university that you graduated, who are you to the organization one thing that we should remember is stay the same.

I know sometimes its hard but people will respected you more in many ways. Maybe some of you will have your own opinion but today i realized this it not easy to maintain it! plus i have to admit at times we will drown to the desire and temptation. IBe wise and keep an open mind, try to accept people's comment for our own benefits and try to improve, with the blessing and God's wills...Insyallah.

I'm still learning the curve,
Hoping it shine till end of time,
With the hand of an angel,
I hope that i will achieve my goal!! Insyallah....Amin.

JieJah's Say...
I always LOVE this song it always remind me of who i am.

Just be yourself. Never change who you are to make someone else happy. Be yourself and the right person will love you for you - beauty and imperfections.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#324...The Red sky at Night

Today, no planes flew into any buildings.

Today, there was no fire falling from the sky.

Today, there were no riots in the streets.

Today, the news was mostly just about famous people.

Today, no shaky footage was recorded of children running from a burning village.

Today, not one person stood in front of a tank.

Today, no one put flowers in the rifle barrels of guns.

Today, you will check your mail.

Today, no shots rang out over a black cavalcade.

Today, there was no negotiated revolution.

Today, no flags were burned.

Today, sport will be played and people will be upset over the outcome.

Tomorrow however, is a new day.

JieJah's Say...

When i read this, i immediately wanted to share to all at ma blog,
Wonders of writing,
Wonders of words...
Me? I think it is so Beautiful :)
Taken from I wrote this for you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

#323...The WEDDING Month!

This weekend i have a full blast activity
From an outing with ma GF, to wedding, to leisure outings and to end my perfect weekend is a celebration of ma Parent Anniversary :)

Today, its kinda busy with all the report and other tasks. I hope i can manage it, Insyallah!
Outside is pouring heavily and ma mind stuck with one of the dateline.. Lately some many thing had happen, to sums that up its just full of color and fast as lighting. I'm glad and elated to be here for ma Loved ones. Ma pray and loves are always for them.

Before i end this post,
I would like to say Congratulation to this Couple..Hezrin & Fadzli! Such a lovely wedding and Thank you for having me there. My wishes for both of you is
"All i wanna say is Congratulation,
New journey just patient

My wish and Doa happily ever after till end of time".
Congrat to both of you!

Aisyah and Hanin

Me and Hanin


JieJah's Say...Mode : Happy and in Love mood. :-P

#322...When song stuck in ma head

JieJah's Say...

This song just capture ma heart and head since the first time me listen to it!

Gosh!...i just can't get enough of it.

#321...I'm writing this

There was a boy who gave her the nickname moon face in reference
to the full circle that shaped it,

and every time he would say it,

she could feel her face grow warm and bright just like that shining light that hangs in the sky even on the darkest nights,

caused from the glow in her heart that only he was ever able to create.

JieJah's Say... I wonder if they could see,
But I couldn't make you see it

Friday, December 17, 2010

#320...Love Is Everywhere

By Darryl Omari

In a dream I have

Love is everywhere

It embraced you there

While it wiped out fear

In a gut laugh tear

In the beds we share

In a chocolate eclair

In a thoughtful prayer

On the seven seas

In the homes of kids

In the air we breathe

In the leaves on trees

Love sent overseas

Rushes back to me

God is so darned pleased

Dreams deferred... LOVE needs

JieJah's Say...This poem make me :))

#319...Syukur and Alhamdulilah

JieJah's Say...
Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Besar,
Saya sangat bersyukur dengan limpah Kurnianya


Thursday, December 16, 2010

#318...How to be 20 something

I been reading somewhere,
Just want  to share something here, being that I’m near the latter end of this spectrum, but I still found this article to be interesting. Of course, I can’t relate to everything. These are the ones that stood out for me:
Be really attractive. Your acne is gone, your face has matured without having wrinkles and everything on your body is lifted naturally. Eat bagels seven days a week, binge-drink and do drugs: you’ll still look like a babe. When you turn thirty, it’ll become a different story but that’s, like, not for a really long time.
This really does catch up to you, eventually. But it’s all good and fun in the meantime. It sounds crazy to say after all I’ve been through health-wise in the past year, but I’d still do this all over again. You only live once, right? And I don’t think any of us want to live with any regrets.
Date people who you know you’ll never be able to love. See someone for three months for no other reason than because it’s winter and you want to keep warm by holding another body.

Eventually all these nobodies will make you crave a somebody. Have a real relationship with someone. Go on vacations together, exchange house keys, cry in their arms after a demoralizing day at work. Think about marrying them and maybe even get engaged. Regardless of the outcome, feel proud of yourself for being able to love someone in a healthy way.
I truly believe in both of these. If you haven’t done either, you haven’t had a real love life. This is not a knock on anyone who’s in a long-term relationship, but if you’ve at least dated outside of that or took time to be really single (i.e: alone but not lonely), you might have better knowledge in who you are and what you want, especially in a relationship.
Start your twenties with a lot of friends and leave with a few good ones. What happened? People faded away into their careers and relationships. Fights were had and never resolved. Shit happens.
I think if I knew this in advance, I would be apprehensive about it happening, but it does and it’s eventually okay because you realize who’s going to always be there, and who’s not.
Think of yourself at twenty and hanging out with people who didn’t mean a thing to you. Think about writing papers, about being promiscuous, about trying new things. Think of yourself now and your face looking different and your body feeling different and how everything is just different.
It’s strange how things become different so quickly.
Think about having children when you stop acting like a child. This may not ever happen.
I often wonder if it ever will.

JieJah's Say...It just make you wonder right?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#317...Fantasy VS Reality

JieJah's Say...

I really want to see this Rapunzel :)) (Me likey!!!!)

Definitely, remind me of someone that i really adore. Miss you dearly!! Have fun at Cameron ya!

I'm really not in the good state of mind. Lately its hard for me to sleep nor to rest. Many thing on ma mind, dateline all over ma face as ma boss its not around. After 4 days of leave i feel a bit cranky. Hahaaa!

Ma main goal to settle all ma task today and ensure all ma task been done as been discuss before. Plus, i realized that its really hard to talk to person that doesn't understand the art of communication. Truthfully, its pain in ma ass but life is cruel right? I will take it one step at times.

Take me to wonderland as i wanna leave this cruel society! Motif? Erk....Have a great day peeps...;-P

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#316...Who are you?

This few day make me realized of few things and I'm going to share in ma blog, if any of you people read this do drop a comment...and this is came from ma heart.

1.Honest about yourself!

Maybe to some people that don't know that well they or you may think that I'm snobbish or in malay as "sombong". Usually its take me only a while to warm up and me usually will start to interact with people that surrounding me. To ma GF's and close friend they know this pretty well and knowing who i am. I often receive comment about they are afraid to talk to me! Look if you don't even look at me and talk to me how am i to give some feedback. Despite how much i hate that person i still will smile and acknowledge her present because ma mum teach me well. Plus i always been judge the way i dress, so what if i dress to the occasion or i dress well?
That is just me, i like to presentable and neat. Its just pain in ma ass when i received some comment "they afraid to talk to me just because of ma appearance," to me that is such a lame excuse.
Period! I have seen many people despite races, background, education etc can accept me as who i'm! To this people I'm really elated!!

2.Wear the cloth not the cloth wear's you

After certain time and few events that i attend i realized many people or specifically young people became the fashion victim, which make me wonders? why you want to follow that person styles or they way they dress them selves...Yes, i have to agree that we should be up to date in but don't over do it..when you over do it you will loose who you really are.

To ma opinion, you dress comfortably and be yourself. Example from your styling of yer hijab or hair, shoe, handbag and etc..never loose your touch of who you are! and dress to occasion either you just hangout with famile and friends, weddings, events...its will show other your personality and trust me when you dress well it boost up your confident!

3.Its never to late to chase your dream

I believe in dream and passion, this two is among the key ingredients of road to success. The journey wont be easy but we should try before you surrender your self. This is your life you should have self determination for your future and don't let anyone come to interfere what you have in mind or your goal. My road as where i am now its not easy and honestly I'm still learning and eager to know more. Plus in the same time i want to improve to be best in ma field. Insyallah!

4. Appreciate people surrounding you

Actually this among thing i observe lately, and i realized that I'm really lucky to be surrounded by people that really accept and care as who you i am. Not all people do have this in their life and to see some of them take their friend or their family for granted it upset me. In many situation from husband and wife, child and family, relationships and many more.

How success you are, how cool you are that is determine who will care about you when you in great need. Trust me! our society really lack of this irregardless any races many have forgotten to show your appreciation. Its now how expensive is the item that you buy for them, its the thought that really count! Ma advice is not to late to think and appreciate people that surrounding you.

JieJah's Say...

This is ma general opinion and what i have discover this couple of weeks. This as reminder to us in many ways to come in the future!! Have a great day ahead...Cheers!

#315...Ask yourself why?

Bertudung kerana keinsafan bukan paksaan.

Datuk Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah

JieJah's Say...
When i read this i smile to myself and I'm really glad my niat to wear Hijab.
Alhamdullilah, Greatest Al-Mighty had shown me the way 7 or 8 years ago.
:)) *wink*

Monday, December 13, 2010

#314...Pssst!!! Ma next project in line!

Its been few days i didn't update ma blog..Hahaaa (with the grin smile). I quite busy lately as i quoted from my see me know i need to make an appointment.
Its true ....

from back to back event, to invitation from ma media colleague, parties, wedding invitation, and others..I feel ma saturday and sunday its full with ma own activities either family affairs, future family affairs, works and friend :). 

Yes, as for today many especially to people whom adore Yuna and Hana Tajima today is the event that all if us are waiting for...but this event happen on Monday! Gosh..I wish it was held on weekend and much better location. But yet, whom am i to say this right?
I have to admit that i really adore this two talented people, and they are ma source of inspiration! and me can't wait to have ma own Maysaa Collection especially the skirts and the dress! Danggggg!!! Its simply BEAUTIFUL...period.

But, just now i have a chat with ma GF about AIDS awareness campaign. Thanks Enny! and you guys can check this community programmed called as RUUMZ...
Info about AIDS till this date 13,000 is only the official number that been infected in Malaysia.
Imagine how many more out there were unreported and loads more are living with HIV. Here's a shocker, 870 children under the age of 13 is living with HIV in Malaysia! We read facts like these all the time, but do we really bother to find out how we can help?

All big celebrities have participate from Sarimah, Sheila Majid, Aishah (8tv), Ida Nerina...and many other have support this. Why don't us contribute our time for the latest campaign..This taken from the site and pixienotion :))

Together with PT Foundation Malaysia, ruumz is embarking on the AIDSAware Project to raise awareness on AIDS by allowing everyone of us to not only share and spread the message, but to BE a message itself.
The aim of this project is too reduce the spread of the illness and minimize the number of new cases every year. Ultimately, we want to see AIDS alive only in memory.

The AIDSAware project hopes to achieve this aim primarily through “photo messages”, where the public is encouraged to take a photo of themselves or their friends with an AIDS related message on a placard. Examples of these AIDS related placard messages include “STOP AIDS”, “34% of reported HIV cases in Malaysia are in their twenties”, “870 children under the age of 13 is living with HIV in Malaysia” and other messages to encourage safer sex. These messages can be found and downloaded from

AIDSAware is looking to raise 13,000 “photo messages” uploaded on for AIDS awareness in memory of those that have lost their battle with AIDS in Malaysia.

To stand up, be heard and to make a difference, you can.
We can achieve global solidarity, beginning in Malaysia with this project to make a positive contribution in this ongoing battle with AIDS. To do so, it needs all the help and understanding each of us can offer. Let’s start the healing process.
JieJah's Say...
I'm going to start ma little project soon. Our small contribution will make a big different in the future. Below are sample of celebrities that support this campaign..
Need i to say more? Think about it...Cheers!

This is a cute caption :-P

adore this! :)

Ma idol :))

Aren't this sweet? *wink*


LOVE this!!


Nice expression!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

#313..Be as who you are

JieJah's Say...

I'm who i am, i'm an ordinary gurl

I stand for freedom of expression, doing what i believe in, going after my hopes and dream.

Get me?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

#312...Strenght of a Man

Strength of a man isn't how many women he's loved, It is in how he can be true to one woman.

Strength of a man isn't how respected he is at work, It is in how respected he is at home.

Strength of a man isn't in the hair on his chest, It is in his heart that lies within his chest.

Strength of a man isn't in the weight he can lift, It is in the burdens he can carry.

Strength of a man isn't how hard he hits, It is how tender he touches.

Strength of a man isn't how many buddies he has, It is how good a buddy he is with his kids.

Strength of a man isn't in the deep tone of his voice, It is in the gentle words he whispers.

Strength of a man isn't seen in the width of his shoulders, It is seen in the width of his arms that circle you.

JieJah's Say...

This is something general that i wanna share here. So tell me again where is your strength?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#311...Psssst, what's yer secret?

JieJah's Say...

This is one of ma favorite site for me to read and chill. Sometime the secret is similar to your life and experience. Everyone have their little secret :P
I always read it on touch me in every way..

For more info

#310.. I got the Justin Bieber fever too ;-P

JieJah's Say...hahaaaaa!!!
Surprise? me too...honestly i like the Baby song but it take me a while to admit that me like this young guy with nice hair!! hahaaa... today i'm stuck with huge mess but i end it nicely with this song play on my playlist.
Gosh!!! What a day.. Can't wait for ma little break. Yippie!!!! ;-P

#309... Peaceful place

JieJah's Say...

Baju kurung + Beach : I'm in heaven :))

Monday, December 6, 2010

#308..Salam Awal Muharam

I read this thru my social network ;) and i wanna to share it here at my blog..

Sumber: JAKIM

Hikmah membaca doa akhir tahun Hijrah adalah kita memperingati amalan-amalan pada tahun lalu, sama ada yang amalan yang membawa kebaikan mahupun amalan yang membawa kepada dosa dan lalu meminta ampun atas kesalahan-kesalahan serta meminta perlindungan Allah swt. daripada kejahatan syaitan dan manusia.
Manakala hikmah membaca doa awal tahun Hijrah pula adalah kita memperbaharui azam untuk melakukan kebaikan dan meminta kekuatan dan hidayah untuk melaksanakannya.

Jiejah says:
Moga doa kita di berkati dan hajat kita di makbulkan dariNya.
Amin, Salam Awal Muharam.

#307... Window had opened

Last weekend was something :)

On Saturday..

Thank you again to the Pengantin baru Puan Heyza and En. Joe for inviting me to your reception. I wished and pray the best for both of you. Maybe later will post some picture of it. I have a great time at Bagan Lalang, Sepang. Being me i just loved ocean make me feel like a small kid **jumping around** when arrived at the beach. I feel really relax once ma feet touches the water make me wanna Cry* (Emo kan..)

Honestly, at that time i feel I'm released with all my problem and at that time i can be my self.

Besides that me and my gurlfren happily taking picture.

On Sunday,

Ma Comment,

Its a different approached but can be improved. Make me wanna consider to buy a hybrid for ma self.
Which car, let it be my little secret but that is my long term plans. :)

I learned a lot this week especially on relationships, on friendships, on status and many more. But one thing that i learned is never afraid to tell what on your mind. Its your life and to bad if some people can't live the facts that you or my self have an opinion to share and to care.

On top of that i already watched social network based on the true story of the inventor of Facebook. To peeps that read this watched that movie. Its really worth it, at first i'm having doubt to watched that movie but after watching it, i'm LOVE it, Many morale stories that i gain from that movie. I wanna buy and keep it as a reference to Inspired. Talk a bout Inspired...i will share with you 1MIT. Its an event that i attend for ma company!!!Its an eye opener and to all of you out there, i wanna share this quote that i gain from them..

"Stop complaining and starts solving,"

JieJah's Say...

I leave you guys with this the best overall video for 1Malaysia Innovation Tournament 2010..

Friday, December 3, 2010

#306... A Great Day

101 Ways To Have A Great Day

  1. Get enough sleep the night before your awesome day.
  2. Clean your room the night before so that you wake up to a nice clean room.
  3. Have a refreshing shower or a nice warm bubble bath.
  4. Pick your favourite oufit or one that flatters you.
  5. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  6. Go for an early morning jog.
  7. Read the newpaper.
  8. Have a cup of tea or coffee.
  9. Have scones or muffins with jam and cream.
  10. Let someone else drive.
  11. Spend your day with friends or your family or your loved ones.
  12. Go to the beach.
  13. Go shopping and spoil yourself.
  14. Get a haircut. If you are a woman, get highlights too.
  15. Take your phone with you in case you need it.
  16. If you are very overwhelmed with life leave your phone in the car whilst you walk on the beach.
  17. Put your toes into the ocean.
  18. Wear suncreen with a good SPF.
  19. Be around people that make you feel good about yourself.
  20. Say a prayer.
  21. Do something that you have been meaning to do for a long time.
  22. Spend some time on your favourite website.
  23. Look good wherever you go. That will help you to feel good.
  24. Smile!
  25. Tell a joke to make other people laugh.
  26. Do something for the poor.
  27. Eat your favourite food.
  28. Watch your favourite tv shows.
  29. Do some gardening.
  30. Spend some time with the kids.
  31. Wear a cool hat.
  32. If it is winter, go for a wak in your new coat.
  33. If you don’t have a new coat, buy one.
  34. Go onto your favorite social networks.
  35. Read a book.
  36. Paint a picture.
  37. Don’t think about things that make you stressed or angry.
  38. Express your feelings in art or poerty, or by talking with an understanding person.
  39. Spend some time with your pet. Animals love attention from their owners.
  40. Jump in puddles if it is raining.
  41. Go to a park with a group of friends.
  42. Have a picnic.
  43. Sing a song.
  44. Cook something.
  45. Pick a flower in your garden.
  46. Read a joke book.
  47. Write in your diary.
  48. Go for a jog or to the gym.
  49. Relax in your slippers.
  50. Avoid arguments and be nice to other people.
  51. Go on a boat.
  52. Page through a magazine.
  53. Have more tea or coffee.
  54. Wear a wacky outfit.
  55. Gossip (but not too much).
  56. Laugh
  57. Bake with your mom.
  58. Go to your favourite restaurant.
  59. Drink water.
  60. Have a power nap.
  61. Buy someone a gift.
  62. Go to the zoo.
  63. Go dancing.
  64. Brush your teeth and floss.
  65. Go to a game reserve.
  66. Collect the post or send a letter.
  67. Play with stickers.
  68. Make a hub page.
  69. Play the My Little Pony Game Online.
  70. Watch the news.
  71. Make new goals.
  72. Use a nice cream or beauty product.
  73. Look at something shiny
  74. Go star gazing
  75. Watch the clouds.
  76. Go fishing.
  77. Go for a hike.
  78. Go mountain biking.
  79. Go to a fun fair.
  80. Facepaint your face.
  81. Kiss your sweetheart.
  82. Stock the fridge.
  83. Go to macca’s.
  84. Text your friends
  85. Make a snowman.
  86. Swim
  87. Play Tennis
  88. Sit in the sun.
  89. Eat a pie on a bench
  90. Give yourself a makeover
  91. Get a cool dvd.
  92. Roast marshmellows on a camp fire.
  93. Tell your friend a secret.
  94. Make money online
  95. Learn a new word
  96. Do a crosword puzzle.
  97. Wear something crazy
  98. Paint your nails
  99. Buy some Swiss chocolates.
  100. Wash your hair
  101. Give yourself a break.

JieJah's Say...  :))

#305...Another hectic Friday

wake up this morning quite late compared usual
to read the sms me received this morning make this gurl smile
that make ma day shine!!
Hahaa...yes i know you will say me sgt drama kan?
but i'm who i am..

another day waiting for me
full of meetings and tasks that should be handle by other people
handover to me due to lack of head count..
I learned something, i i'm driving
my mind its at the other side of world
i just remember what my friend conversation on the other day

"sometime g, biler time we susah you will know who is your true fren,"
well i guess she is right..

Don't get me wrong, this is what been lying in ma head
when you have the money, you can't buy the happiness..
this topic its something random between me and ma gurlfren

you have the Lavish car to drive or lavish lifestyles to spend to
are you happy?

you have the latest gadget now or branded stuff
are you happy?

Maybe some will answer yes or no or maybe..
its up to you...
You know the answer yourself,
To me money at times important..for medical treatment, bills and what not
I have to agree the money help me to get ma life move on..
but honestly..i don't believe it can buy ma happiness.
Ma loves ones are ma eternal Love!!

People come and goes,
Friends come and goes,
Lovers come and goes,
But ma GF's always there for me :))
But ma Loves ones aka Ma famile stays..

And i also believe that
"setiap rezeki yang kiter cari mesti ada berkat dr Allah S.W,T and ibu Bapa,"

Need i tell more..Think your self!!

JieJah's Say...

I really hate to do it at ma blog
Sorry to say this,
Dearest En. Boss Longkang.. Lu ingat lu boleh pijak kepala gua biler u jerit or maki dekat gua
Maaf, If the old me u can see me crying and emo for the rest of the day but let me remind you
i wont do that because i know its ma not ma fault and i already done my part!!

If you wanna piss for not dedicated enough to your daily task..Please get a life! that is not ma bloody business. Get me?!..Psycho..

Instead of me getting laughing my heart out to see another side of you..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

#304...Push by Mr. Devil

I don't know where to begin this,
But one thing i know
i been walking with a demon lately..
but i don't believe what they say to me
and today i'm going to break free..

From heartache and painful thru all this few's year
i learned many thing
and i grow in many ways
I'm who im now..nothing to be proud of because I'm just an ordinary gurl.

this few week also i have learned in very hard way
from the unexpected event

I learned that we never expect people world care and understand
I learned that we need to be professional although you have a massive issue at back of your head
I learned that people wouldn't care less although you gave your explanation
I learned that management expectation as massive as Boeing 747 or airbus i guess!
I learned that no matter how deep trouble you're in only Al-mighty is the best place to share..

I cherish what i learned.
Merciful al-mighty have given me a great lesson
its true when you say live its cruel anyway..

As my arwah tokmak used to say, Ijie, jgn buat org biarkan, Sabar..Allah akan balas jua,".


I got photo shoot again today
But me wear baju kurung :) (Apa ku kisah!! me like pakai baju kurung with fancy kitten heel)hahaaaa!!! let see what happen.

This song keep on playing in my head today after listen to it this morning from
one of BFM

One of ma fav singer..i think at this point this song gonna stick all day long..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#303.. Pain & Hope

I'm really busy today

Now i already know ma scope...At last my dream job had come TRUE

My wish and hope i will learn and be the best that i could be.. YEAY!!

But deep down why me feel EMPTY...

GOSH...I'm still in GREY MODE i guess.

I'm really tired.......I need a break :)