Friday, November 18, 2011

#635...Cinta dari atas

JieJah's Say... Feels like wanna dance and sing like her! wanna feel like on the top of the world...

#634...Life challenges

JieJah's Say...I just wonder and think...?
Rough start today,
The funny part i learn pretty good lesson since early in the morning
I rather kept it to myself this time
Assumption always kill especially when it relates to works, friend and family
Either that,  i guess the best lesson so far is we just be who we are,
No matter what people want to say, or think, or assume,
Be a thick skin, although it hurt you to the heart beat..
Be strong, as the truth shall be revealed sooner or later.

I learn this in hard way but at one point in our life,

We need to stop pointing to others but look at yourself first,
Ask for this guidance and in the same time we need to lay low to HIM and tell him what is in your mind, ask for the best guidance...Insyallah!

Few weeks ago,
When few major issue hits me, all i ask from HIM is to show me the truth to me and who ever that involve in the issue. Alhamdulilah, yesterday my pray have been answered by HIM

I'm in a huge hole mess, but i believe that i can make this time and another sad thing that i encounter is you are right! i should known it better.Thank you for open up my eyes and hearts.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#633...Less expectation and keep on going!

Ada kala saya tersungkur,
tapi saya bangkit tanpa rasa benci di hati

Ada kala saya menangis,
tapi saya pujuk diri agar tabah menghadapi dugaan ini

Ada kala saya menyampah
tapi saya buang rasa itu kerana it sangat menyakitkan hati

Ada kala saya terasa,
tapi saya hanya mampu pujuk diri dengan doa agar di berkati oleh Ilahi..

Saya hanya manusia yang punya hati dan perasaan
Ada kala saya tewas dengan kelemahan saya sendiri
Tapi dalam masa yang sama saya tahu saya mampu menghadapi semua ini
Walaupun pada kamu tiada secumit rasa kasihan atau sayang di hati.

Saya belajar dari semua ini dan Moga Allah s.w.t akan tunjukkan kebenarannya suatu hari nanti.

JieJah's Say.
..Pondering thru many thing happening today. I hope im strong enough to go thru this...

#632...The One That Got Away

JieJah's Say...

In another life
I would be your girl
We keep all our promises
Be us against the world

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away

Some how this song keep on playing on my playlist especially the lyric make me think about it a lot!

Friday, November 11, 2011

#630...Best feeling in the world.

You’re thinking about them.

You want to text them.

You pick up your phone,

The text message is open ready for you to type away.

And to your surprise….

They text you first. Minds intertwined.

JieJah's Say... :) Sigh... i miss this a lot

#629...It Will Rain

JieJah's Say...

Saw this video released today. Some how this song rhyme in my heart because every words in the lyric meaningful to me. So part of the song shows and explains how me feels.

Happy 11.11.11...Its nice to see everyone sharing joyful moments from proposal to wedding ceremony!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#628...The greatest love!

I always love father and daughter moment's like above
it  keep on reminding me how lucky and I'm really proud of my DAD @ Bak :)

JieJah's Say

Been bless to have a lovely father that loving me as who i am and Alhamdulilah always be there for me when i need him the most, Thank you again Bak. Last Sunday, you show me the greatest love that no person that will understand is me, your daughter. Thank you bak! You always the best and i always remember this quote from you..

"No matter how old are you, you still my little girl and i always wants the best for you"
*im crying while writing this..Im just lucky to have you as my Bak,

#627... Dream that i kept aside

JieJah's Say...

Don’t be a champion for insecurity a
nd call out structures that are trying to exploit our bodies for personal gain. i love this line the most, “Beauty should be something that is celebrated and something that is enjoyable, not something that people should feel uncomfortable about achieving.” Zooey Deschanel wrote this letter to Vogue when she was 17 - they ended up publishing it.

One of my wish and dream to do something like this in the future . . .

If you were here i think you will support me all the way...Right? -___-**

I miss you Tok Mak...Just few days ago i meet you but i miss you to much this time. Al-Fatihah

Thursday, November 3, 2011

#626...Sexy Adam & Anne V!


I adore this picture :')

JieJah's Say... :')

I just had to share this photo shoot.

Adam Levine and his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Anne V, are too hot. I don’t understand what happened to his torso in one of the pictures, though…But apart from the terrible editing job the Photoshoppers did for Russian Vogue, these pictures are so sexy. Too Sexy i say ;P!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#625. . .Fulls of colors!

A team of talented people, an army of beautiful models, the most charming designer whose illustrations I’m obsessed with…

Banana Republic opened their studio doors to capture the process from model fittings, styling, hair and makeup tests and all the vision it takes to bring together what will be our Banana Republic in Spring 2012…

JieJah's Say...
Full of colors!

I saw this on tumblr, i adore this so much and aiming some of the stuff *daydream mode*

What do you think?

*wishing to jump to this industry la pulak :')