Saturday, March 27, 2010


As for now, after officially they already took over this company i notice that many things had change. Maybe to others seems nonsense but to me its GREAT and important. No more those lame excuse and much more. Don't get me wrong as I'm writing this, i prefer to have a proper system for all employee to follows. No more own department rules, been bullied by the senior worker and etc. As my hand start to write more i realized not all like this major changes. This is for your own good, despite the benefits that you will received... have you think about what u can or will contribute to this company. *wah!* don't assume that i will follow all, (sometime i pun nakal gak) ;P hey, its a learning stage! grab all the opportunity in front of you. Although that i wont like it on certain stage..i prefer to maintain my position and stay professional as this is not confirm yet. One more thing..*to this person* i hope you change your attitude, you're the same level as us as well. I don't know whether you will read this but honestly i don't like your *itch attitude. (i hope that i x terlepas ckp ngan you) although that you really get into ma nerve. 

All of us now starting by zero....Good luck let this adventure begin!

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