Monday, March 29, 2010

23#... the truth

Today, just another cool Sunday. Nothing much but i spend ma time with ma parents, ma bully twin brother and ma cat's. Just discover an amazing thing, ma Siamese baby cat is blind but healthy.  (a bit afraid to touch the cat but he or she is a strong cat- will post the picture soon) Not feeling that well at first but  i just don't bother and keep up with my house chore. Many good gossip with ma mak and bak during breakfast, while updating ma self my mind keep on thinking of few thing's happen this week. The truth, i think one of the issue people always try to avoid but it always happen whether we realized it or not. I prefer the truth compared to the lying it will hurt me more. Based on my experience i guess...

I'm who i am and I'm just an ordinary girl in this universe.

I always remind myself, who i am and return to basic as thing's get it best or worst. I think it make me who i am and i feel my feet on the ground instead up in the sky. One thing for sure is i miss his present today -__-*

Till then, Jiejah

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