Friday, April 16, 2010


This week i notice there another trend come around from no where,
I came across with many childish attitudes that came from well grown man or there are a part of parasite that try to pull you down. -_-" Ish!

~ i think this people never feel, thinks or other words is SYUKUR or BLESSED for what they have. Always have a green eye (envy) for other people gifted or capability. Always prefer the shortcut (bodek) and escape just like that. Meanwhile people like US with stuck with the stupid SOP's and BERAT SEBELAH from certain people make it more harder sometime. i can forget,
Some people just loves to act very Strangely and like to act likes knows everything but when we ask such a simple question the end result its just disappointing and illogical. This is what i have to deal almost everyday now and this particular person will drive me nuts especially when advising on something related to ma daily task that will end up in dark hole. Scary? tell me about it! Now, usually i will double check with the management before proceeding her request or procedures, and this will drive her crazy. *ketawa nakal*

......At this point honestly i just don't care, I'm moving on with parts and pieces that i need to combine now. i been given many task as people seems will not understand, so be it! I will grow with the responsibility and survive this.

Hence,I know you don't like coz to you I'm a threat..Up to you to judge it coz i just doing my task and wants to delivered it up to what ma boss want's it. If that you think is a treat i think you need to go to rehab. My Advice to you is, Never under estimated other people capability and talk bad behind the person (Mengumpat), one fine day that will bring you down..

hey, this is ma 2 cents..its either you can accept or can't..
let time become the Judge.

p/s: To another notes, I don't know whats words or say's that being spread on air but putting yourself (as adult) on only one side of the story its unfair right?... OR  Its ok then, each day I'm realizing whom i am, As your stories makes another chapter i guess it will like before i guess. I hope and pray for your happiness. Amin.
Thank you for giving me this experience...
I do believe the karma,You can hurt me more with your assumption, But i will grew with the situation. Insyallah. May Al-mighty show's whose right and wrong. Amin.
Till then, I'm just a stranger in your life with your hurtful word.

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