Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#50.. You know ma name but You don't know my story

I have to submit this report that needs to be send today,
I have stupid colleague, who always delays ma task,
I have tons of paper on ma table, make me really annoying,
I have no energy to continue, ...............
I force myself to do all this, make sure to finish it by today,
I didn't eat anything today, ma appetite been taken rapidly,
I been left alone at ma place, no surprise to me,
I have few pins at ma pants due of too loose for me,
I can't hear well, maybe it's disadvantages of earphone,
I have no word, due to many surprises in days,
I felt alone, nobody seems to care,
I love Monday and Wednesday, but today its seem so plain..
I feel sick,but it doesn't change anything.........
I been scolded by ma dad without any valid reason, make me sad n confused..

I can't feel anything now, I'm Numb!
So tell me now do you know me?...

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