Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#56...Babling ;-P

i don't know where or how to began this topic may give different perspective

1st topic..
Curvy or Skinny ladies**,

been born with huge ass is not a curst like some people use to say,

to me i lorve my back curve (puji skit jer)

love to flawn it esp with jeans

and only cut that i can fit its only Levis cut

as time goes by some how this moon gurl

had turn to a full moon!!

shocker huh? yup true ;) much shocker, i didn't realized it.

till one event that i have to attend had open ma eyes and make me realized

make me to cut down few thing in healthy way

so i did and gladly i reach what i wanted to

but some how

it created another issue

especially to the peep's that only seen me when im 55-70kg

what happen to you, sakit ek? me -__-*

i get shocked eventually but ignore it as im happy as it is

but to peeps whom know ma skinny me will react (43-50 kg)

"wohoooo" what happen to you? (means gemuknya u?) ma usual answer @ reaction is  a'ah happy + bahagia

(which is soooo true) but now...,

been the weight that i aim for a year ago

make this moon gurl more confident in lots of way unexpectedly

nope i don't have the eating disorder etc (to clear the air)

Ish, minta di jauhkan...

Me still kuat mkn heheeeheee ;))

to conclude this no matter @ issue,

whether I'm skinny or fatty bum bum

I'm still who i am ...I'm still the ordinary jiejah.


Yes the photo super yummy rite? me like it...berangan like its me

-__- (hehheeee)

I'm a freak of cloth, handbag and shoe etc.....

if to much of following the trend would make me a billboard gurl by then

but honestly i like to try one piece at time

like those killer heels,

the cute jacket,

the smoky eye,

the legging,

the long shirt,

nice new scaft,

the nice handbag,

the skimpy or skinny jeans but this one i have to pass cz not suitable for me, -__-"

but being me i always have some 2nd thought esp on the legging (Till the right time)

mybe not confident yet..

**one day i will wear that in public, let time tell.


Few days ago,

i have the fever, flu and cough etc

to make it worst i been suspected to the international pandemic


But alhamdulilah the result turn to negative

glad its negative but tired of waiting

like menunggu buah yang x gugur

Good experience since the denggi last year.


me notice this acne came along since me drop weight


weird huh?

peeps...any advice on this

it just the acne is not the small cute in size etc

but the massive like gajah big...

till then i have to search the alternative for this.

In the mean time time i like to this gorgeous people make a bit envy hehheeee ;) (Just Kidding)

Cool..people with yummy face..

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