Thursday, May 6, 2010

#60... Tiada tajuk @ Untitled

**Maaf entry kali ini saya akan campur adukkan bahasa yang sedia ada**

As much ma patient been tested for many time,
Been quiet some how give the courage to go on with ma life,
At some point it given the PEACE that i need...
Maybe been realized that we are getting matured compared
Some people just LOVE to blame to other people and pointing to another angle,
Let's be wise and as a muslim you know the rules and basic of Islam,
I do realized i'm not the suitable person to talk about this issue but logically if a person accused without valid proof it will as FITNAH..Enough said.

As I'm writing here,
Trully May Al-Mighty shows us the TRUTH
as most common even Hadith says Doa org yang sabar dan dianiaya akan di makbulkan Allah S.W.T

Im Just an ordinary person in a journey that only GOD knows
The future, past and the present...
Either personal, work, family and friends ...
I strongly believe that TIME have grew all of us
We have to learn to balance and accept the faith that been guide to us,
I'm Syukur as much been given many Gives that nothing can replaced that...
With that I'm strong, more saint, confident in many ways...
and I'm who I AM now,
I will leave my Qadak and Qadar to Al-Mighty...
I'm sorry if you can't except the fact..
Put it as in yer version, as time goes by it will reveal,
I pray the best of you and yer Loves Once,
and wishes you the best in Life.

Yes, i know and i do realized who I'm to you,
and its clear what yer definition of friendship to You.

Pada ku kata ku masih sayang,
Pada ku kata ku masih menyisih,
Pada kamu ku kata bohong,
Pada kamu jua ku kata terima kasih....

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