Monday, May 10, 2010

#65 ....Mother's Day Secrets, Tribute to all Mummy's

was the Mother's day..yup i did wish my mom,
the cool thing about her,
She always make this funny voices as i wished her.
We laugh! The more older i'm the more i realized how grateful i'm.


I don't know when you will read this,
but i want you to know that you are special to me,
I don't know what i will do without you..
You really keep me sane and kept me on ground,
You always there for me,
A shoulder to cry on whether happy or sad..

No word or nothing in this world can ever pay yer love and sacrifice.
As your daughter, im proudly say I LOVE YOU and just now you did mention about the movie Mother and Child.. ;) Insyallah Mak me will bring you yea.

I want to share some cool pic of Mother and a Child.

P/s: Mak.. Happy Mother's Day
Emuuuahhh!!! & Hugggie ;))
I hope i become like you when i become a Mother

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