Sunday, May 16, 2010

#74... Double Face!!

As much i really wanted to express ma anger, i realized that its not worth it at all. Today experiences make me realized in many situation we have to maintain or hold few thing to ourselves. Friday was a FU day!!!!!!!
For all this time i had cover they ass, just becaused you don't have the nerve or the confident to talk to the customer put the blame on the moon face! Great.. i elated to scoop all the shite that you guyz did. If you ask me to do something that they had done to me I say, I wont coz i don't wanna be like them. Im better than them and i know who i am.

I sould post this on Friday instead today but Special Thx's to this new lappy that ma company gave! amazingly stupid! The person whom install the software is the right person to be blame i guess. Can't do anything with this lappy except ma blog and tumblr acc. I will make sure i can open it soon. Ketawa jahat tp chomel... ;D

Few keys that make me realized im just a person,
-I have tons of works that i need to settle and i dont have the ample time to finish it!
-I realized i only left friends that i can really rely on.
-I should take the advice that been told to few days ago. Its from ma boss and to him i say thank you!
-I already planned ahead ma work and hoping it runs smoothy as i plan it!
-Hoping by Jun or Julai i can apply leave to go for ma vacation

Crossing finger..and a lot Doa.
Cheers, Jiejah

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