Friday, May 21, 2010

#83... Expressing the word of LOVE

This is what happen if me really tired with what's going on with surrounding me now, currently now me at my work place but my heart and mind seem missing and out of action today. LOL! So me browse thru few pages and came across with this article. Do enjoy it as much that i did.. Till then Cheers!!!

Fun ways to say 'I Love You'

1. Guys in tight pants running across a football field may not be your thing, but taking part in his interests is important. Surprise him with tickets to a football game - and go with him.
2. If he hasn't been able to make the trek cross-country to his hometown since last Christmas, consider buying him a plane ticket home.
3. If you know your guy is working a long shift, have a nice warm dinner waiting when he gets home. We're not trying to get all 1950s housewife on you, but the effort will show him you empathize with his crazy schedule.
4. Pay attention to his cute, quirky habits. Is he always waking up thirsty in the middle of the night? Put a glass of water on his nightstand.
5. Leave him a sweet note in his briefcase or wallet. This is especially great if your significant other does a lot of business traveling.
6. Give him some time off and take up his chores for the day.
7. Before you drift to sleep, tell him something he did that day you thought was especially sweet.
8. Cut out newspaper or magazine articles you think he'd enjoy and set it aside for him.
9. Leave the house for a Friday evening and let him enjoy a night-in poker game with the guys. Before you skip out, make a platter of his favorite snack.
10. Fly his best friend in for a guys' weekend.
11. Secretly patch up the hole in his favorite pair of shorts and put them back in the drawer without saying a word.
12. Get his car washed.
13. Pack his favorite lunch for two and bring it to his office.
14. Ask him how his soccer game went or how his big presentation turned out - and pay attention.
15. Stock up on his toiletries if you see he's running low.
16. If you and your sweetie live in separate places, keep your fridge stocked with his favorite foods.
17. Wake up early on a weekday and make him breakfast, set the paper on the table and fill up his to-go coffee mug.
18. Take his dog on a walk or come over with a surprise treat for the pup.
19. Buy him the box set of his favorite childhood TV show.
20. Bake him a cake - just because - and write 'I love you' in frosting across the top.
21. If you're out of the house before him in the morning, turn on the heater so it's nice and warm when he gets up.
22. Draw him a hot, candlelit bath.
23. Set your computer's screen saver with a sweet message for him.
24. Send him a romantic greeting card via snail mail. Even if you live together.
25. Play hooky with him from work on a Wednesday and spend the entire time in bed watching movies. Turn off all phones.
26. Show respect to his family and their traditions - especially if you're from different cultural backgrounds.
27. Flirt like you just met.
28. Tell him your deepest, darkest, nerdiest secret.
29. Nurture his nerdy side. Buy him a Star Wars figurine; surprise him the collector's edition of Harry Potter.
30. Write him a love note in a secret code and give him the key to decipher the message.

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