Monday, May 31, 2010

#87...Update from Jiejah

As ma work pile up, i tend to ignore it..for a while as my mind is not in the office. I guess i still in Holiday Mood. I just wanna run and go home and sleep ZZzzzzzz....sure damai. Back to update, almost a week i did'nt update anything at this blog. Huhuhuhu! Kinda BZ....

- Settle pile and ton's of email
- Send all report's esp related with Porsche
- Travel by next month to Sg
- Imigresen & Pasport issue -___-**
- Reunion with ma Dip Peep's
- Outing with Hanin's Famile
- Unofficial Photographer for Kyra on the Eve of her B'day Party
- Cousin wedding + Kyra's Bday ;))
- Supposed went to see Yuna but last minute cancel. -__-** (Maybe next time)

This week i'm not sure what's the plan but hope that it stress free weekend ;P
Will update will more delicious and cheekilious picture soon....Have a good Monday ahead.

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