Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#89..Hai..more updates. ;)

I really wanted to update this blog since last week
unfortunately i have minor accident,
The funny part i slipped my ankle at work,
and at first at didn't realized it.
Silly me...i guess.

A part of the bad new,
I been bz lately,
with ma life,
with ma famile,
with ma mon petite ami,
with ma task..

sometime its really hard
but its kinda fun..
Finger cross and with pinch of doa
I hope everything runs smoothly.
And if you ask me of course I'm Happy ;)


Honestly now its like pain in ma ass
people keep on blaiming each other
selfish to the maximum
but me known as the moon face will say ignorance is a bliss.!
At some point honestly i just dont care what you wanna say
cz beleive me i know who i'm
Thank you for making me realized who you are exacly
double face people with Gedik's attitudes..

to you i say im really elated
to you dearie i say i love u... ;)

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