Friday, July 16, 2010

#111...I just wanna to update

Work update

What a weekday,
buzy like a bee,
especially when there's hiccup thru the process,
being me,
especially now im more calmer to overcome issue arise,
on admin although im in marketing,
on few thing tht make this bulat face gurl grow.

pass two day been scolded by ma boss
i dont mind coz it for ma own good
cliche huh!
But with him..
Its diffrent and the truth i did change
He kinda change me in a way i didnt realized
till he just compared
last year's event me will panic although its like 3 weeks away from the date but today its only a a week before the date me became more relax and
overcome few hiccup and panic on the process.

Super cool!
To him all i wanna say is Thank You!

Life update

As the date more nearer i realized few thing need to be settle soon
now most of the thing i need to settle by this weekend
relax jiejah...


At least the best part is
yesterday thru the midst of work
we manage to get the photographer
me likey
and honestly cant wait
(although me did not manage to get Fad Manaf, it O.k..Maybe next time)
owh not to forget
to dearest fren that help me
Hanin and Enny

**Thank you so much, Emmmuuuuahhhhhh!*

This week will be pack
i have to work, to finish the mailing stuff
then off with ma mon petite ami
and sunday with ma mummmy ....Yeay!

Movie Update

Honestly i didnt manage to watch any movie
really wanted too..
I hope i can after the event...

P/s: Have a great weekend..I know i will ;)
More update...

I will upload pic later after weekeed..

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