Monday, July 19, 2010

#113...Emotion Rollercoaster

Last two day,
honestly its really something
with addition of fuel hike 0.05 sen
well save to say that make us insane

As i observe
especially food and raw stuff became expensive
and as the date approach making me nervous
This post is dedicated to the people i wanna say
"Thank you and me love u"

Dear Al-mighty

give strenght to go thru this
Give us calm as we go thru this
make them laugh and feel good inside
as i just lorve the expression
on their fine line of happiness

Dear Mak,Bak & Famile

This bulat daughter of yers
is much elated
no words can describe how greatful
im to be yer daughter
from ma heart i say i thank you
and i love you both dearly

Dear Mon Petite Ami,

Thank you again dear.
As from me to you again i say i Thank you.
and days pass by
will make me more ready to be yours *blush*

Dear GF's and Friends

Thank you
You know who you are to me
Thank you for being there for me
I love you guyz dearly and
Thanking The Al-mighty
How greatful i am..

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