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#124 ... Porsche Experience

JieJah's Say...Simply yummy experience!

Taken from Paul Tan Blog "All-new Porsche Cayenne – quick test drive review"
Yes! I have this amazing opportunity given to me to test drive and to learn more about the new generation of Cayenne.Honestly its a great exposure and this bulat face much elated to learn this new amazing experience ;)

Below is the article about the Porsche Road Show Tour at Singapore..
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All-new Porsche Cayenne – quick test drive review by Harvinder Singh.

Porsche unveiled the second generation Cayenne SUV a couple of months ago in February and recently the Zuffenhausen company which currently resides under the Volkswagen umbrella held a Porsche World Roadshow event down south in Singapore. Among various sessions held through out the event, there was a quick test drive of the latest Cayenne which also includes a hybrid variant in it’s line-up as well.
Joining the hybrid is the diesel and the gasoline versions that we are used to as well. I was invited to the event and I managed to get behind the wheels of both the Cayenne Turbo and the Cayenne Diesel. I was also given a short ride in the Cayenne Hybrid.

Look after the jump for my full driving experience.

When Porsche first introduced the Cayenne in 2002, everyone were scratching their heads wondering if a company like Porsche, which has been making compact sports cars since it’s inception can successfully market and sell SUVs.

Sales figures after the first few years proved that Porsche can actually do it. Design wise the Cayenne did of course draw it’s looks from the rest of the Porsche line-up and in my honest opinion it could have looked better.

However I had a broad smile on my face when they rolled out the facelift version. It was much more refined and looked aggressive and classy at the same time.
When the company unveiled the second generation Cayenne, I still felt that it looks good, with it’s menacing front fascia.

Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same about the rear. The taillights on the new Cayenne look as though they were inspired by the Panamera and they don’t blend into the rear properly. It looks a little mis-proportioned if you ask me.

The negativity of the design ends there fortunately, as the interior is one nice and comfortable place to be in. Design wise its miles apart when compared to the interior of the first generation Cayenne.

When thinking about the interior of the older Cayenne, words such as ‘dull’, ‘boring’ and ‘dated’ come to mind. The interior of the new Cayenne is heavily inspired by the Panamera, which is a good thing in this case. The cabin is definitely roomy with more than enough head as well as leg room.

For more story refer as the link above..

The best part of this is i really like this pic that been taken by myself using Harvinder gadget.
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