Friday, August 27, 2010

156#... No Heart

JieJah's Say...pain ma ass

I also don't know it seem comfortable to express here at ma blog compare to talk to the person,
Please don't get me wrong,
Me don't want to susahkan you guys...

I really love and happy to see you guyz happy. ;)
Cz me cayang bangat sama kamu semua. May Allah bless you guyz.

This week its a tough week,
Many thing happen beyond ma control but there is a sign that Al-Mighty wants to show to me.
Saya hamba yang hina sedia menerima segala ketentuan dari mu ...
Yes, this also mark another growing year..
Its a bit diffrent this year cz i felt empty and honestly until now i can't figure why?
Don't get me wrong ...Im o.k and happy it just the way i feel.

As ma heart hurt my the million thing happen,
I'm still strong,
As ma heart is happy with what happen,
I'm Elated and strong...
To you all that always there for me I'm greatful and Thanking Al-Mighty from the bottom of ma Heart.

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