Monday, August 30, 2010

#160... Ma Holiday

Wow! It seems such a long time i didnt update this bloggie
huhuhu~~ So here goes,

27th August 2010

Nothing much happen but me spend a good time with ma school mate buddy
And they celebrate ma bday. Thank you again. But this time no trajedi airmata
hehehhee :) Me emo at times and me ngaku hahhaheeee

So we makan at this place name qaseh
1st time went to that place honestly me abit Jakun!
A lots of variety of fOod.. To think back make me feel hungry! Haiyoo..
we chit chatted, we gossips... and we took some photo to at Putrajaya.

I had a good time and thank you guyz!

** Will upload the pix  later**

28th August 2010

Accompany ma mum do some check up (Make me worried now to think about the result)
Ya Allah! Dearest Al-Mighty..Please make me strong to go thru this again...

Service ma dearest Charlie ;)

I had mummy & Daughter session
Yes! ma mum really wanted to go Jalan Tar and Jalan Masjid India
yup...its diffrent this time cz during breakfast with Selambanya ma mum suggest
"We breakfast at that mamak stall lar g," being me.. ya im o.k with it.
so we breakfast..and being Malaysian and the month of ramadan we share food although we are stranger.
Im amazed and ma mum enjoyed it every second. hahahhhahhaa!

back to preparation of Syawal..
after the miles of walking to shops we finally manage to fine a blouse for mak
Glad she likes it, me? i don't buy anything yet for me..maybe i like to buy for other but for me i don't buy anything.
hehheee! me likes to see the expression of our loves ones when they get or received things that they loves.
Honestly make me happy ;)

29th August 2010

Help ma mum to spring clean the house. Thank god its not like last month before the engagement.
So me just continue to clean up some of the place..

Went out with ma Mon Petite Ami.
Accompany him for a hair cut, a little shopping and lastly me get to eat at Yogitree @ Garden.

But Unfortunately,
I did not manage to eat ma fav the chicken + mushroom in a puff pastry (Ma Fav)
Will go again till me get to eat that. :)

Till then..
Today its monday.. and i feel :(

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