Friday, September 3, 2010

#164...Word to a friend

JieJah's Say..."please think about it and i know you will read this,"

Dearest friend....

I know for the past month have been tough on you

Yes, I understand your feeling

and i know its hard especially LOVE doesn't appreciate you anymore.
Yes, its hard but Life have to go on dear,
And remember "ramai yang sayangkan you, from yer famile to yer fren,"

Thru what he do to you especially what he had done yesterday its unacceptable
Being kids as he is, putar cakap and been an a**

He changes after "the plan" cant be proceed next year...
Why now?
Many things that me express to you yesterday and me hope you will think about it..

Thru the pain that he put u thru can i ask you something?

"Is it worth it, or
when is the last time he really make you happy,"

babe, many other question that i did ask you..
You already know the answer.

To me you are special person
To me you deserve better person

Let Al-Mighty guide you the way dear...
And please dear remember "Jodoh, pertemuan dan ajal semuanya di tangan Allah S.W.T"

Whats yer desicion next?
i cant give you an answer because is your decision but i'm here, i'll be there for you dear.
and support all your decision.

I hope this help you and this to cheer you up!

p/s. Thank you for the lovely present
me and adli sgt elated ;)

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