Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#169.. Word on deadline

"Im really sick of this disrupting behavior..Honestly i don't want to know yer next move"....and i realized i am an ugly duckling here..
I have a zillion things to do and if you want to make me angry go ahead..I know what i capable to do and silents be the judge of your grudge. If you can make faces and gossip about me please do so..by doing that i know you all care about me..If you want to accuse me with everything that you only hear by the third party please do so again coz you don't know me at all.. and assumption will always kills you!

And Fyi please remember "Everything comes from Al-Mighty and i you should re-think more before you say something that can make people hate you more..Bitch!

JieJah's Say...words!

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Enny said...

ahahha..solely true...