Tuesday, October 19, 2010

#223...Gorgeous people

Last  week it another wedding Marathon..
Start on Friday to Saturday
Back to back...

First couple,
Thank you for inviting us
me sgt happy and elated to be there for you and families
Super duper gorgeous..
So sweet of the brother (Fazli) and the trio brother (Maria) singing on that day
Yes our family got this thing with singing
as my bak pun can sing and played guitar..
Have fun on yer Honeymoon @ Paris..

p.s: Both of you so good together ;)

Second couple,

to ma rakan sekerja, heheeeee....
I know by the time you both read this
you both ngah hornymooning at Singapore
have fun ya..
have a lot of fun at universal world
don't forget the ole-ole for us
"sgt muka x malu," :P
the most selamba couple that i know
razin do take care of lee
and lee please control razin's eats...
hehheeee-----wokeh please dont get mad
I cuma gurau, hope you both love the picture that i took
take care and be good!

JieJah's Say...

p/s: Me sgt elated to be surrounded by this marvelous people Its show how power of LOVE move us

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