Tuesday, October 19, 2010

#225.... Its you

There's always something
In the way
There's always something
Getting through
But it's not me
it's You

Sometime's ignorance
Rings true
But hope is not in
What I know
Not in me
It's in You

It's all I know

And I find peace
When I'm confused
I find hope when
I'm let down
Not in me
But in You

I hope to lose myself
For good
I hope to find it in the end
Not in me
It's You
It's all I know
 Lyric: You by Swithfoot

JieJah's express..to YOU.

"Maybe you all wondering why on earth me post this lyric,
Yes, me pernah post this video clip as below, few week ago at facebook
Yes, Walk to remember is my favorite movie of all time
Surprising i watch this alone, heheee...
This particular song above caught me
previously i always keep this song aside to give to some one
so today,
 To dearest Mon petite.. i dedicated this song to YOU.
 With all of me, all i want its You,
 With this me thank you for being you,
 and you accepted me..miss you dearly and me sorry dear.

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