Monday, October 18, 2010

#221... Talking to the moon

At some point of time
maybe my stories
it not interesting
maybe its not happening as others
i don't care, because its mine
and it ma life

Honestly i don't know who i am,
maybe I'm just an actress in this lifetime
crazy how its sound
honestly sometime i can be such a good gurl
later i can be the baddest gurl that you will ever known
I can be the most egoist, the most stupid, the dumbest bimbo
that people can see
I can be the coolest, a good decision maker, good listener
that other have seen

To some point something that i don't understand
i hard for me to explain in details

 i admit that I'm not perfect
 i admit i have flaws
 I'm just a human with have limits
 i have ma PMS monthly
 i admit I'm emo and inconsistent

and at the end

i will talk to myself to sleep
i always tell myself to be patients
i encourage myself to better person everyday..
and end up i will crying talking to the moon.

For this post,
i wanna say sorry to people that i hurt
by all means
I'm sorry for bottom of ma heart
I'm just not perfect and i admit it, still on the journey of learning
teach me, guide me ...i shall grew in no time.

As I'm reaching ma hand to you,
i know its un-logical..
without i realizing that
I'm already crying talking to the moon.

JieJah's Say...Words on ma head

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