Friday, October 29, 2010

#238... The wonderful flaws you could have

I don't know about all of you out there
life to many of us come in different forms
mine..just an ordinary
maybe yours its extraordinary

Today i wanna share something a bit personnel
some of you know me since me secondary or during ma sobers years in University
or currently u meet me daily in the office

As some people saw ma transformation
from free hair to the current one with a scarf
but honestly I'm still like before..
wearing scarf it just something personnel that happen in seconds
"how great AL-Mighty are," and how grateful I'm to receive this from HIM
Although I'm wearing scarf i did not change rapidly
yes, thru that not all can accepted me
but to my certain friend will say...
like one of my bff said.."laser and outspoken you, g mane nak buang,"

Yes!! i admit that is me..
and I'm proud of Who I'm now
i much open than before
i wear that fit me
plus i learn to love ma own skin better
and I'm proud and  love ma own skin..get it!

To people out there
if you read this..

"Don't be a hypocrite, don't make excuse working is the lame reason why you have to wear the scarf or I'm working at government sector, or My big boss is wearing a hijab that why i have to wear it too..," 

To me,

Be as you are that is the most important thing
Remember "whats goes around do come around," Hahhhaaa!
and to me working place is the place of you "mencari rezeki," Remember that!

I don't respect you at all
you don't earn it
as much maybe some people can accepted you
go on..I don't care i have ma own life to live.

On top of that,

at this time around i honestly don't care anymore!
what you or they wanna say about me
i'm just doing ma job and make sure what being tasked for is Done in perfect color ..

what you or them wanna think or comment about ma dressing
i'm in love with ma body now compared ma sober years, i wanna feel sexy in every way but in appropriate way..Plus I'm a normal gurl with a huge longkang ada ker?

attitudes from you or them wanna try to broke ma heart again?
yes, i have to admit that i will emo about it, but nowaday this thing grow me in wiser way especially dealing with things that make me sad.. Plus i have better things to settle like ma MUM 
is more important than you or them..

To many thing happen that make me sad, but it doesn't stop ma life to go on as Al-Mighty guide thru everyday. I believe in Karma, 
"Whats goes around always comes around," Maybe soon its your turn..? Only God know!

JieJah's Say...

This post its just something random
tidak ada kena mengena sama ada hidup atau yang mati

I read this and i wanna share this with all of you
"Everyone edits themselves here, and it makes me wonder whether you're ever actually connected to real people, or just the people they all wish they were," Plus i'm in Love with this women..sgt gorgessss!!!

This we call as BEAUTIFUL :)

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