Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today, i'm wearing orange linen blouse (my fav)
i buy this shirt since ma sobers years
if you ask me why i'm wearing this bright colour
ma answer is i wanna be cheerful!
although that i'm not...
coz my work today pretty hectic but me still have time to scribble at ma blog
seems similar like yesterday...

my emotion or mood for today kinda neutral
because i'm expecting the unexpected for this week
especially few small event are schedule this month
its fun to see new people now and then
diffrent segment or group of people
make me more aware of ma self and learn more thing
in the marketing and automotive world

This few week kinda cool for me
yes i'm kinda emo at times especially ma mum condition
but i'm positive as this is test by al-mighty to ma family
although me still kinda hoping that i'm going to travel soon
to see ma lovely beach but let see how it goes by this week
yes, i love the sand, beach and scenery...
to me its heaven.. ;)

I realized that me like to wear heals
Yes, i used to wear this but after flats were in trend
i tend to forget to wear heels..sound lame huh?
but its true till me with this two gf of mine keep on reminding me
to wear this and to them me say thank you
hahaaa...LOL! This bulat face so in lovey dovey with the man name Mr Heels..

Owh ya,
last week also me have a good time with ma famile and friend
friday we went to celebrate on of the GF birthday
The suprise bday party for her...We have a blass to bully her that nite
Yes Enny, Me likey...LOL!

Enny Bday Celebration....our belly is already full at this time when this pic taken**

Saturday me accompany ma mum
all day long.. catch up with gossip, news, life and many more
we have a good girlie time
me really can't get enough of ma Manja time with her
Me LOVE you ma...:)

Sunday..i went to kids birthday party!
kid now are so smart and adorable..
hehee..i don't know when is my turn
but me hope that me will a good mummy like ma mom do..
The handsome boy that caught ma attention hahahaaa!

I really like this Cute!

Hope so this week will bring many others things
maybe some new pic soon will be uploaded..
and me missssssss ma friends
till i see you guyz again muahx!!!!

Jiejah says:
Words in ma head ;)
and some more picture to share...

taken at Liza Engagement day ;)

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