Thursday, November 4, 2010


This morning..
feel a bit tired but I'm still o.k
mood is still neutral
help ma mum set up her stall
got back to get ready to work
eat some kuih on the way to work
listening to babbling DJ on the air
smsing with people
watching policeman pull over the car
traffic is pretty light today maybe tomorrow its holiday

As me go in to the office
greet people nicely but been ignored out of nothing
me confused and think may be they can't hear me
i walked and accidentally over hear conversation
talking about me
hahahaaa...usually i will emotional about this but
i came out with this ....
great people talks about ideas, average people talk about things and small people talk about other people especially  in "MENGUMPAT" mode!!!!

to this people i don't want to understand why you guyz just loves to talk about me
look if it is about works...Its just plain professional nothing to do emotional and friendship
i don't think you get it!

Enough about them,
herm...about today me a bit nervous.

Dear Al-Mighty, Ya Rahman..
Please give the strength to go thru this with ma famile


JieJah's Say...I just need the strength

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