Saturday, November 6, 2010

#257...Buy this for me please?

I did post something about gadget on previous post and just now i been introduce to this lovely purple Mr Blackberry.

Wrong timing me really feel wanna own a blackberry..
Can i have this sugar daddy? hahaaa (Dalam erti kata lain sila beli sendiri)  -___-"""""

Introduction: BlackBerry Style 9670

The BlackBerry Style 9670 is the upcoming gadget of RIM. It is a clamshell smartphone, the features of which are really impressive for RIM brand lovers. The Blackberry Style is packed with a full QWERTY keyboard and same you get in latest Blackberry Torch. The smartphone is integrated with 5MP camera that enables you to not only capture the images but also record videos via it. The most interesting facet of BlackBerry Style 9670 clamshell is that it will be running on new Blackberry OS 6.0 and you may remember that this OS is also available with Blackberry Curve 9300 mobile phone.

Some other exciting facets are also highlighted in this report and these facets will definitely increase your interest in this upcoming Blackberry phone. BlackBerry Style 9670 smartphone is packed with Dual-touchscreen; one is internal and second is external. This clamshell device is designed with 360x400 internal display that grabs your attention due to its stunning style. The external screen resolution is 240x320 pixel that will put on show caller ID , clock and notifications on it. The QWERTY keyboard will make the typing experience quite comfortable and it has featured with Trackpad instead of Track ball.

JieJah's Say...Aiyoyoooooo i fall in love with this :)))))))))))

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