Monday, November 15, 2010

#272..Event, Hijab & Fashion

As i wrote this post
outside is pouring heavily
yes since last week i quite hectic
especially with the incoming
press conference coming
from morning till now i non stop sending the invitation
so far i receive positive feedback

Wish me the best of luck ..

Besides that during lunch hour
i bump to my schoolmate fren
she wearing hijab today
plus today its a first day
You look so pretty Aira..
to see you today remind me of my time during my first time wearing hijab
my face is super duper bulat till they invented the Airiani Hijab
heheee super cool, convinient and express :)

One thing sentences that stick up my mind till now
i agreed with Aira that wearing Hijab do not stop you to be stylish
you just need to know how to style it according to situation and enviroment
as long that you know where is the boundaries as a muslimah..

Now me browsing this site of dress that we can wear with hijab
make me feel good but ma pocket will be burn..

(me just love browsing, if me got extra money that will be i have far more important piority in ma mind now)

One of the ikon now, she can play guitar, stylo plus Hijad doesn't stop her at all

Should i say more *credit rizman ruzaini


:) HIJAB me LOVE...

Credit Rizalman Bloggie

Credit Rizalman Bloggie

Credit Rizalman Bloggie ** me love this

Credit to ZARA me just love this top..YUMMY!

JieJah's Say...
This is just my opinion about this topic
From the picture above..its up to you.
Hijab definitely not stopping to style up yerself..
In Malay version: Tidak kena mengena samada hidup atau yang mati.

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