Friday, November 19, 2010

#280...Random people


He is playing the guitar on a street corner. He uses a little cardboard box to collect money. He is young, maybe twenty five years old. His clothes are old, his hair is long. People walk by like they don’t even notice him, like they don’t hear his music, like they are deaf and blind. There is no life in their eyes, no passion, it seems as if they are sleepwalking. You know who does have passion? He does. He is playing his guitar like he is playing in a sold out stadium. He is the only person I see who seems happy. Keep it up, stranger.


She is about one and a half years old. She is wearing a blue dress. Her mother is holding her hand. After every step the little girl takes, the girl gets a proud look on her face, yet another step taken without falling. Her innocence is touching, it is clear she has never been hurt. Her mother has a lot of patience and she watches with a smile on her face every step her daughter takes. Slowly but certain the little girl walks to the other side of the square. I notice that I am not the only one following her steps. More people watch her, all with a smile on their face. You already did a lot of good for the world, stranger.

Jiejah say:

Word is such a powerful tool huh?
Me ngah pening with Ma boss to many multi-tasking to be done today 
Ma mood agak tegas and kinda stone plus straight forward with people that surrounding me..
Me sorry if me terhurt dengan ma straight forward today because me wanna fast result. Small event but huge stress compared big event with average stress :P

Hope tomorrow event will be successful. Amin!!

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