Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#289...Am i ready

If you wondering why i'm writing this my answer is i don't know
Please note this is an expression whats in my heart and in my mind now...If you saw or bump to me please don't ask in details as i mention as above and this blog its a therapy to my heart and my mind..

Am i ready to do this?

To be able to hold and responsible to a huge responsibility?

To be able to forgive to people that hurt or rude to myself and my family?

To be selfish and stand for myself when a person irresponsible or bloody rude to me?

To be able and to have a financial stability or freedom to own ma own property in the future?

To be able to provide the BEST for my family especially to Ma MUM and BAK especially when they are not like they used too or they really sick?

To become the best daughter for ma parents and best sister to my twin brother?

To be the best employee and became the best what I'm good with?

To be able to be me in the same time?

To be able to be a lover and a good wife near future

Don't get me in the wrong direction,
I asked myself all of this question make me wonder
All this question appear due to many things happen surrounding me, I admit that i'm not perfect but all i know i will do my best to become the BEST of me..

If you read this,

Please pray for me...
Sesungguhnya that is the best medicine for me which in the same time make me strong and sane in ma insanity world.

Selamat malam dunia
terima kasih...Kerna sudi membaca
Aku hanya ingin berbicara
terima kasih...Kerna sudi mendengar suara jiwa saya..

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