Thursday, November 25, 2010

#295...Money & People

This morning,
another great day to start a new journey
wake up by ma noisy little cat
need more attention i guess ..being so manja with me
help ma mum making breakfast and rush to shower to get ready
send ma lil brother to work and off me go to work
As me drive today me listening to crap music and decide to change the station
me decide to listen to
today topic its money and how money reflect to relationship..
the topic occur when the dj read a letter from a person at News Staits Times
its break ma heart to hear this
the situation is the sister support the brother studying
thru high and low the sister pay off the fee for him and he graduated
recently the sister ask the brother to pay back
guess what the brother tell the sister?
why asking him back the money he never asked from her
the sister is heartbroken and post a letter to one of the national newspaper
and advice never loan or help any people when its come to money it will definately change and ruins the relationships

After listening to all comments
i feel like shite!!

My parent been thru that situation before
i personally have been thru before..

Money to change people
some say money can't buy happiness
but at some points it can help us in other ways
likewise all people person have they own problem..
at time money will come handy to cure out problems especially in between family
i have to agree that its hard but when its comes to my responsibility
but when it come to my family i will do my best to help ma family..
there is pro and cons of the topic..
its depends to the person its self to be responsible to the action that we done!
remember this as a Muslim..
you need to remember every action whether its good or bad
it will come back to whether at the end of day or at some point of life
life is great when you lean back, take a deep breath and appreciate thing surrounding you..
to me this topic is a good topic to make me feel and realized who i am.

JieJah's Say...

This is random post and this is ma opinion..
Have a great day ahead!!

Today me feeling a bit better
works went well
same old routine busy with in coming weekend event
and tonight i have to attend another launching at Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur!
To think back...

ALAMAK..massive traffic -____-""

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