Friday, November 26, 2010

#297..Yeay!!! Its Friday.... :))

Today i start with a good start
from at home kinda early
but then i was stuck in front of Binary College due to genius motorcycles and a lorry driver
they are fighting at the middle of the road
Gosh!! i know and understand how frustrate in that situation but then ...use your brain la fighting at middle of the road
that's is crazy!!!!!!  from losing your belonging you will loose your life instead.
me just continue my journey...

i will to wait so long to get free from the traffic especially nearby summit
espcially the policeman will ask me to stop although my car is bumper to bumper from the front car
but amazingly today the same policeman "give me jalan," Hahahaaaaaaa!!!
i happily drive to ma office..

Today is the mise en place
for tomorrows event :)
my task today to ensure all catalogue are well prepared
door gift for the participants is all prepared

So far so good..heheheeee
hope things went really well today :)
Have a great Friday ahead!!!

Now i wanna share some pic of last week's event 

Supercar Golf Tournament 2010

Porsche Intelligence Performance - Press Conference

Me and Ma GF

JieJah's Say...
Not to forget,
Tonight and tomorrow two of my friend is getting married :)
Dear Heyza and Mazni,
I don't know whether you gurls read ma blog or not

All i wanna say is Congratulation, new journey just patient
My wish and Doa happily ever after till end of time..

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