Monday, December 6, 2010

#307... Window had opened

Last weekend was something :)

On Saturday..

Thank you again to the Pengantin baru Puan Heyza and En. Joe for inviting me to your reception. I wished and pray the best for both of you. Maybe later will post some picture of it. I have a great time at Bagan Lalang, Sepang. Being me i just loved ocean make me feel like a small kid **jumping around** when arrived at the beach. I feel really relax once ma feet touches the water make me wanna Cry* (Emo kan..)

Honestly, at that time i feel I'm released with all my problem and at that time i can be my self.

Besides that me and my gurlfren happily taking picture.

On Sunday,

Ma Comment,

Its a different approached but can be improved. Make me wanna consider to buy a hybrid for ma self.
Which car, let it be my little secret but that is my long term plans. :)

I learned a lot this week especially on relationships, on friendships, on status and many more. But one thing that i learned is never afraid to tell what on your mind. Its your life and to bad if some people can't live the facts that you or my self have an opinion to share and to care.

On top of that i already watched social network based on the true story of the inventor of Facebook. To peeps that read this watched that movie. Its really worth it, at first i'm having doubt to watched that movie but after watching it, i'm LOVE it, Many morale stories that i gain from that movie. I wanna buy and keep it as a reference to Inspired. Talk a bout Inspired...i will share with you 1MIT. Its an event that i attend for ma company!!!Its an eye opener and to all of you out there, i wanna share this quote that i gain from them..

"Stop complaining and starts solving,"

JieJah's Say...

I leave you guys with this the best overall video for 1Malaysia Innovation Tournament 2010..

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