Monday, December 13, 2010

#314...Pssst!!! Ma next project in line!

Its been few days i didn't update ma blog..Hahaaa (with the grin smile). I quite busy lately as i quoted from my see me know i need to make an appointment.
Its true ....

from back to back event, to invitation from ma media colleague, parties, wedding invitation, and others..I feel ma saturday and sunday its full with ma own activities either family affairs, future family affairs, works and friend :). 

Yes, as for today many especially to people whom adore Yuna and Hana Tajima today is the event that all if us are waiting for...but this event happen on Monday! Gosh..I wish it was held on weekend and much better location. But yet, whom am i to say this right?
I have to admit that i really adore this two talented people, and they are ma source of inspiration! and me can't wait to have ma own Maysaa Collection especially the skirts and the dress! Danggggg!!! Its simply BEAUTIFUL...period.

But, just now i have a chat with ma GF about AIDS awareness campaign. Thanks Enny! and you guys can check this community programmed called as RUUMZ...
Info about AIDS till this date 13,000 is only the official number that been infected in Malaysia.
Imagine how many more out there were unreported and loads more are living with HIV. Here's a shocker, 870 children under the age of 13 is living with HIV in Malaysia! We read facts like these all the time, but do we really bother to find out how we can help?

All big celebrities have participate from Sarimah, Sheila Majid, Aishah (8tv), Ida Nerina...and many other have support this. Why don't us contribute our time for the latest campaign..This taken from the site and pixienotion :))

Together with PT Foundation Malaysia, ruumz is embarking on the AIDSAware Project to raise awareness on AIDS by allowing everyone of us to not only share and spread the message, but to BE a message itself.
The aim of this project is too reduce the spread of the illness and minimize the number of new cases every year. Ultimately, we want to see AIDS alive only in memory.

The AIDSAware project hopes to achieve this aim primarily through “photo messages”, where the public is encouraged to take a photo of themselves or their friends with an AIDS related message on a placard. Examples of these AIDS related placard messages include “STOP AIDS”, “34% of reported HIV cases in Malaysia are in their twenties”, “870 children under the age of 13 is living with HIV in Malaysia” and other messages to encourage safer sex. These messages can be found and downloaded from

AIDSAware is looking to raise 13,000 “photo messages” uploaded on for AIDS awareness in memory of those that have lost their battle with AIDS in Malaysia.

To stand up, be heard and to make a difference, you can.
We can achieve global solidarity, beginning in Malaysia with this project to make a positive contribution in this ongoing battle with AIDS. To do so, it needs all the help and understanding each of us can offer. Let’s start the healing process.
JieJah's Say...
I'm going to start ma little project soon. Our small contribution will make a big different in the future. Below are sample of celebrities that support this campaign..
Need i to say more? Think about it...Cheers!

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