Monday, December 20, 2010

#323...The WEDDING Month!

This weekend i have a full blast activity
From an outing with ma GF, to wedding, to leisure outings and to end my perfect weekend is a celebration of ma Parent Anniversary :)

Today, its kinda busy with all the report and other tasks. I hope i can manage it, Insyallah!
Outside is pouring heavily and ma mind stuck with one of the dateline.. Lately some many thing had happen, to sums that up its just full of color and fast as lighting. I'm glad and elated to be here for ma Loved ones. Ma pray and loves are always for them.

Before i end this post,
I would like to say Congratulation to this Couple..Hezrin & Fadzli! Such a lovely wedding and Thank you for having me there. My wishes for both of you is
"All i wanna say is Congratulation,
New journey just patient

My wish and Doa happily ever after till end of time".
Congrat to both of you!

Aisyah and Hanin

Me and Hanin


JieJah's Say...Mode : Happy and in Love mood. :-P


HaninFarshid said...

thanks dear...for coming to my sis nikah :) muahx!

Noor Aisha Amir said...

hehehe.. comel tak gamba yg i amik tu? ke u yg comel GG?? ekekee

anyway, jgn lupa bg link2 yg menarik psl fashion hijab. im officially terjebak k.. dlu i so-so je.. skrg nak seriously fashionable plak. ahaha

email to

Azizah Abd Jamal said...

hanin: You're most welcome dear

aisha: heheeee...mane me chomel, the photographer yang pandai ambik the pic.

wokeh babe, for the sugarscaft me da sugg at facebook yang lain me email the link later ya :P