Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#336...Lesson of LIFE

Its a long freaking day for me! From back to back meeting, proposal and dateline. Gosh! i really miss my own time. I think my own time, is only when I'm in the TOILET! hahaaaaa....But today its really remind me how "GREAT is AL-MIGHTY". I see all this in less than 24 hours and still counting.

This what i can recall in between 24 hours
  • Bersyukur with Al-Mighty greatness.
  • Always keep my feet on the ground, down to earth...
  • Love the support that been given from ma Gurlfren's and Ma loved ones! you're my ROCK!
  • Never do something bad because we lived in Karma, it sound cliche but "what's goes around comes around,"
  • Never expect people will RESPECTED you, when YOU don't know how to RESPECT others!
  • Learn to appreciate people and friend around YOU!
  • Chase what you Need, otherwise you WILL never gets it.
  • If you never ASK the answer will ALWAYS be NO
  • If you do NOT step forward you'll ALWAYS be in the same place.
JieJah's Say... Think about it!

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