Thursday, January 6, 2011

#338...My Good list for 2011

Everybody have there basket that full with wishes and dreams that they wants to fulfill . To those people that really-really close to me they know what i really wants and what i'm too.Apparently this year, it's start with a teary eye and many gedik's jumping all over the place.

1. Appreciate more people around me

Yes people, this is not an item or good but to me this is a treasure that money cant buy in the world
From my parents, to ma gurl frens and ma loves ones. you just know who you are! I don't have to elaborate more.To this people thank you for everything, I'm really elated to be surrounded by each and everyone of you!

2. Gig, Concert and Acoustic LIVE

I a junky when it come to music, when the music played either at shopping center, cafe's, in the time i just can sing along like nobody business and sometime me dance to the beat *junkie* ...hahaaaaa!
Anyway...This year "Dengan tiada belas kasihan and budget yang cukup saya mahu pergi ke concert yang sayer mahu,"hahaaaaa.....

3. Buy an expensive handbag and watch for me

Lesson woman working like two thing essential. First Handbag and later a good watch.
Honestly i can't live without a handbag, and shoe generally but lately i realized that every career woman need is this two.I have read at one of the magazine and ma Gf also mention the First thing most of people will see is this two.Tell me again as I'm still wear ma steel watch.


This is must thing in my list!
I need ma pasport to have an extra chop to ma pasport.

My desire place to go is to
1. Turkey
2. India
3. Vienna (Teringin after Encik Kecik asyik cerita pasal tempat nie!)
4. UK
5. Italy with Paris

My Aim for next year is
3.Singapore :)

5. Explore new thing!!

Yes!When i was young i do have this "Die Hard attitude to go and to try anything
lately maybe due to the enviroment and aging kot :)

Jiejah's say:

**this is something random came from ma heart and with god's will insyallah it will come true!**

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