Monday, January 31, 2011

#350... Super weekend marathon! !

This weekend is all about my time with ma GF's from Friday nite till yesterday..
In another way i really feel honored and elated to spend ma time with this lovely people!!

Can i request more session to come in the future please? :P

On Friday..

Those pic say its all...i really have the fun time with Aisha and Hanin.
We go shop-shop...lepak2
And Aisha Happppppy Belated Bday!

On Saturday...

Me and ma mum little gurly time :))
Just can't get enough of it mak,  nanti we buat the sambungan lagi!

And on Sunday...

Our repunzel naik pelamin lagi but this time around is Rizal Side, Again thank you for inviting us for yer special day. Gosh!! the video make me gosh bump!! hahaaaaa! (Yes people that is ma version) *copyright yea!
and Awin you look so gojes :)) me loike!!!

Happy honeymoooooning at Bali :)
More pic at my facebook page people...

Enny , Repunzel and Me the bulat face gal!

to end ma perfect weekend...After a pit stop to Jalan TAR
I lepak with this marvelous people!!

Thank Aisha and Agos for the lovely dinner :)

Me likey! :P

JieJah's Say...
Gosh! what a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy weekend. Looking forward for incoming holiday!
but me happpppppppppppppy and elated sgt!!

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