Tuesday, February 1, 2011

#352...The Blower's Daughter

JieJah's Say...some how this song keep on playing on ma mind
This song is really closed to me ever since the first time i hear this song. Every one have they own love historical journey. As for me this song give me another perceptive in love..

As i quote,
"Damien rice really bring us to this song, Please all of you with completely broken hearts believe love is out there be patient when you meet some one new, an believe and be brave love is worth of it it's not worth killing our hearts by focusing in our hurt past we still got so much love to give give it a try, this is told by some one who gave all of him to some one who never care to the very end I wanted to die, but by believing in love I found more that I ever Dreamed," And i do found that in Mr Kecik :)

To you,
I'm not sure whether you read this,
Thank you for accepting as who I'm,
You came as i never thought i will find a person Love,
Our journey its not perfect,
but Deep down I'm Happy
to see you smile make this Bulat face smile,
You may don't know this...I adore you in many way that sometime i don't understand either..

I could not ask for more...
all i can say to you dear is me Miss you!!

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