Thursday, February 3, 2011

#355...Thank you dearie

Today, i read something that make blush,i never expected you will write about wonderful thing about me and my gf. heheee! *Blush*

To Osheen,
I dedicated this post to you..
The best word that i can express is me elated to know you and have given the trust to work with you! and do remember this i will be yer sister whenever you need k?
And of course anda juga adalah kesayangan saya jua!

JieJah's Say...In blush mode!
I'm really elated to be surrounded by this lovely people
Really syukur to Al-Mighy with the grateful blessing.

Hope this song will portray how me feel..:))

1 comment:

osheen ashril said...

so sweet!!thanx kak g =))