Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#389... Choices

Choose to be happy or sadI think sometimes we forget that we have a choices.
That we can choose to be happy, that we can let go if we really had to, and it would take time but we could.

That even if we truly believed in destiny, it is not something we could always depend on, always wait on to make things happen.

We forget that sometimes we need to steer the path ourselves in the direction we want it to go.

We forget that because we often think we might miss our chance if we leave, but the truth is that we might just be missing out on too many other chances we may not even know about by choosing to stay instead and for what?

— the small happiness you get in a single moment that only lasts you for only so long when everyone else knows you deserve so much more than that. We forget that, as in how much we’re worth and how much more we should be worth to somebody else. We forget that we don’t have to sit around waiting for someone to realize that to make us happy or even just wait for them to make a decision that will make us happy.

We can just be happy on our own, we can learn to be happy by ourselves.

But still, we often forget that, that our happiness shouldn’t depend on anyone but us. Because the choice is and has always been ours and only ever ours alone.

JieJah's Say...

As my mind thinking another stuff that i need to arrange, i been thinking about the choices that we have and willing to take to ensure that you're in the right track.
My journey is still ahead of me, i wanna learn many other thing about PR
I have to accept my weaknesses and grew from there, with move on...
This is ma choice that i made and I'm happy with my choices....
(sources by tumblr)

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