Sunday, February 27, 2011

#393...The wall have fallen

In most cases, attraction or frustration never goes away. For some reason, there are still certain people who could ignite a light in you, a chemical reaction into natural combustion and some people just simply ignored .

Somehow they can switch on an electricity deep within your skin just by the touch of their very own. It’s a magnetism that can’t be seem to be ignored, can’t be repelled and no matter how much you want to deny it, sometimes you just have to give into the pull.

Eventually, you’ll want to give into it despite the consequences, despite the repercussions of the situation. Because an attraction or depression that strong will always be that powerful and sometimes there’s no other way to relieve the tension than to succumb to all that it could possibly be.

JieJah's Say...
I just can see thing wont change at all, I promised myself i will be strong and May Allah S.W.T give the strength and patient to go thru this.
Its will a long journey ahead. . .

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osheen ashril said...

totally agree!!i'm sure u can kakak syg!!;)