Thursday, March 3, 2011


As I'm waiting for my download of artwork to finish,

My mind start to wonder on few thing happening today,

At times i don't understand why it happen or wondering when shall it happen,
but honestly my mind and my heart is tired. Helplessly especially when me see thing that is not right is happening now, Pressure, yes! Depresses, Yes!...

Deep down you may see smile and laughing but honestly I'm really upset with the current situation, i stay because I'm drive to challenge and the commitment that i have. But after all this happen make me think twice why me staying...We see and wait what will happen.

Allah will show the right path and way,
I still have the faith,

Dear Gf: Thank you for the support, i just need the warmth from you guyz!
Love always.

JieJah's Say...Today the song that accompany me to work is the old school from Prodigy. (This is my best song to play especially buat practise my math) heheeeee! Good old memories. *blush*

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