Friday, March 18, 2011

#417. . .Or is this really it?

I have always wondered how it would be like. Would it be a domino effect where one nation goes down after the other? Or will the whole world shake simultaneously to the end of its hour? The former does seem like a teasing in disguise. People would think they could run to “safety”, fly to another country and wait till the shaking settles down, only to find out that the shake would meet them there eventually. The latter however would be too abrupt, no gradual process that would lead to the entire destruction. You can’t just wake up and then *BANG* END. OF. THE. WORLD.*

No goodbyes, no apologies, no hugs and kisses, no last words.
As abrupt and in-compassionate as it would seem, if I could choose how it would end, I’ll pick the latter. Helplessness is a torture. Getting the epiphany of how small and insignificant one’s life have been at the last hour is a violent clutch at the heart. The thought of not having enough time to fix that laptop that you’ve always wanted to fix, to finish cooking dinner after all the preparation, to read the last chapter of the book that you have been keeping aside, to travel to the place you have always wanted to visit, to make a difference in the world, is to suffocate even before the water engulfs you. An abrupt end without any warning would be the way I want to go. No time to reminisce what I have not yet done. No time to regret not spending enough time with loved ones. Having said that, there is no way that the world will end unceremoniously. In other words, the world will take its own sweet time to consume us with its wrath. Our knees will shake and our eyes will swell up in tears. Regrets will kill us way before the last second of time.

Everyone have been saying that this is it. This 8.9 Richter earthquake is the first piece of domino for the entire apocalypse. And as much as I think that the world deserves to end after all the injustices that have been happening everywhere, I don’t think this is it. Too many people are still too proud and ignorant. A worldly justice is needed just as much as a divine one. To make it end now is a blessing for those who refuses a just world. So, we could take this immense quake as a sign of a higher power, a sign of hope for future undertakings, a sign for repent, a SIGN for the worst, a realization for regrets, but let’s not put a firm foot down and say this is it. We’ve got a long way to go and multiple other governments to topple before this world can end.

P/S: This is of course, just a take from a hopeful point of view. That does not mean that I am a naive optimist. I am just saying that we should not let signs of apocalypse, that have always been around by the way, cloud over us from what we are really here for in the first place.

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