Friday, April 8, 2011

#351...Hati ingin berkata

Its Friday gloooooooomy!

A good weather to sleep, ok ma GF me jealous you on leave today..I repeat jealous :P

As me waiting for the police traffic release me, I decided to update ma blog. It just a plain update that I just wanna say..

1.From ma observation, people faking about who there, what they are or whom they really are. It just an opinion :)

2. Meeting ma super idole today! This is the 3rd time I personally meet Tun Mahathir Mohammed :) *super nervous but the best part became the unofficial photographer..heheeeee!

3. I really wanna make sure ma bucket list will come Al-mighty will me wanna to have my
1st. Lomo camera
2nd. Ma mini vacation
3rd. settle ma debt and have a good health
4th Saving
5th My first Burberry item :))

4.I just recover from my long viral fever and cough *till now still coughing like hell*, many lesson that I learn from personal to work. I will grow and soon will bloom to beautiful flower ewah!!

5.Never judge the book from its cover and never copy or try to be some else. Either in work, friend, girlfren, sister nor etc just be who you are. People will appreciate you as whom you are :)

6.Mak I know you don't read my blog, if someday you do. I just wanna say
Gg, love you *hugggggggie*

7. As me clearing ma long email, I saw one email that make me calendar busy like a bee, however me like it!

Jiejah Signing off, 8.4.2011

Renung ke biru langit,
Tersenyum sendiri bila teringat,
Memori hari ni yg tersemat,
Syukur akan kurniaannya,
Buat hati berbunga seketika,
Nikmat rasa yang tidak terhingga... :)

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