Monday, April 18, 2011

#366...Walk at memory lane

The Roti Man, (Bread Vendor) the guy who sells bread (and goodies) from house to house for living.

I’m not sure if they’re still around, whenever i go back to my country I hardly see Roti Men in my area anymore. Or probably I always pass them without noticing.

I don’t know how much they earn per month by riding their motorbikes everyday selling loafs of bread, cheap toys and junkfood but surely they have just enough to support their family. The last time i saw one in my area was a few years ago, still the same guy who has been providing bread to my house since i was a kid. Way older, very weary but still does the same job, I don’t know how he does it. Not sure now though..

Once he would bring joy to the kids and me in my neighbourhood. He would have the latest local junkfood that come with cheap toys such as Din Dang, Tora, etc. While the mothers and maids get bread (or on special occasions, Potato Buns / Sugar buns with raisins), us kids will stop whatever we were playing and crowd around this man to get our hands on his awesome junk food. He was our playtime hero.

Apart from that, the Roti Men got mad skills when it comes to riding their bikes. It takes stability and maneuvering skills to ride that ‘roti bike’, yo! One should record them during traffic jams, god knows how they could ride through small lanes with that.

So how many of you grown-ups now still think about this man, on how much he has contributed our childhood? And to the Roti Man who worked (or still working) in my neighbourhood, i hope you are still well and have raised a healthy family after all the years of hard work. If I see you again driving around my housing area i’ll definitely buy a loaf (or two) it’s the least i can do. You’re legendary, Roti Man!

JieJah's Say
...Some of my childhood memory :) and me me wonder is Rotiman is still there?

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