Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#378...Randomly i just wrote

Lately i realized many thing that caught my attention,
From people to friend to others..
Maybe you will think this emotional but i this is how me see and feels
You can say or think what ever you wanna think,
at this point i don't wanna care.

Emotional wise,

Its simply unbalance in every way
honestly at times i just keep ma mouth shut compared who me really am
how talkative I'm or friendly..
I hope i can move on this feeling
in the same time it really hurt me,
who cares right?

Work wise,

Work been like hell lately
but me OK me guess?
i will survive and move on with another obstacle in front of me
word lately keep on hurting me
trust..let put it, i rest ma comment
another advice,
never think people will or try to understand who you really are
especially when you trying your best to understood about them.

Life wise,

It seems lately i seem more clueless
i give to much of myself to other
at times i forgot who i am
maybe you will think this is silly
but this how ma life treat me lately

another side of me,
i always shared with ma GF it seems i always knew my surrounding better than
them knowing who i am..
sad but true..


I just wanna share and say congrats to ma little sis
Do enjoy this wonderful Hijrah :)

I'm glad with your decision and May Allah bless you more dearie.

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